Rumour: The Time of our Lives

By now most readers know TV Tonight has a good track record of tipping readers off about new Drama series before the networks.

Underbelly: Razor, Wild Boys, House Husbands, The Mystery of a Hansom Cab, The Doctor Blake Mysteries and projects that became Tricky Business and Mr & Mrs Murder were all reported here before other media.

Last month I tipped about another ABC project, The Time of our Lives which is yet to be announced by ABC.

The latest word on this is that it features complex Lantana-like relationships for characters in their 30s and 40s.

It will come from the camp of Judi McCrossin & Amanda Higgs and is expected to have a quick turnaround after filming, potentially to air after the Olympics.

You heard it here first?


  1. The Time of our Lives does rather look as though it was inspired by Lantana – but this is hardly a point in its favour. As critic BigSPEEGS writes: “The plotting of “Lantana” is … complex and intricate. However, it is this intricacy that ultimately proves to be the film’s downfall. It seems it would rather be content with weaving in and out of various relationships than letting us connect with any of them. We know how the relationships stack up, but we have no feeling for any of it.” That’s exactly how I felt about “The Time of our Lives”. A few critics will admire it, but the majority of people will find it tedious. If you want to see TV about 30-40 year olds’ complex intertwined lives, look up the 70s British series “The Glittering Prizes”.

  2. I have seen the pilot of The Time of Our Lives and I consider it complete tripe and that it will fail miserably. When will the ABC learn that you can’t write drama to a formula? Miss Fisher worked because the stories are engaging, the writing sparkling, and we don’t care what age or race the actors are. The Time of our Lives makes the same mistake as the Slap and the Straits in that it is trying to incorporate gritty contemporary issues into an essentially pedestrian story line. No, it won’t attract the Gen X-ers as the ABC hopes – they’re too busy with their iPhones, But when they do watch TV they prefer Doctor Who and otehr truly great television.

  3. That was last year. I’m talking this year. Other than Miss Fisher, most of ABC’s new shows have flopped.
    (Randling may prove to be an exception.)
    It’s very likely that “The Time of our Lives’ will be quality, but I can’t see a lantana-like drama being a ratings success on FTA. Look at Offspring, a quality offering, but going down the gurgler quicker than a Bob Hawke pint.

  4. Why do they bother? This belongs on Pay TV.
    It won’t attract an audience, although looking at ABC’s schedule, it seems that they aren’t trying to attract an audience.

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