Seven productions converge on Melbourne

If you are production crew personnel and you live in Melbourne you are very possibly working on a Channel Seven production this weekend.

Three huge “shiny floor” shows all converge on the southern city this weekend: Dancing with the Stars, Australia’s Got Talent and The X Factor.

There will be over 1000 staff involved, under Freehand Productions and FremantleMedia.

Brad Lyons Head of Production for Seven told TV Tonight, “The logistics are breathtaking and a great indication of our commitment to Australian, big scale productions.

“From stylists, hair and make-up artists, musicians, cast, crew and audience members…

“Additionally we are producing, live to air, 3 footy games and Game Day on Sunday morning.

“What a blast!”

Dancing with the Stars is broadcast Live at Global Studios in South Melbourne at 6.30pm on Sunday. The first semi-final of Australia’s Got Talent, shot at Docklands on Sunday, will air next Wednesday. Three days of auditions for The X Factor will take place from Thursday until Saturday at Hisense Arena and premiere later in the year.

This is actually the second time the three reality juggernauts have converged in Melbourne at the same time.


  1. @Moanique – thanks for the info, though it clearly isn’t impossible as Britain’s Got Talent has always aired live and they manage the turnaround sometimes with just a 90 second VT between an act leaving stage and the next act appearing.

    I take it though the AGT semi-finals are being filmed and airing in Australia over the next six weeks or so, meaning rumours here of Dannii Minogue returning to The X Factor are surely unfounded as she’d face the same issue as last year with The X Factor auditions (staring May 15th) clashing with the AGT not-live stages.

  2. @ Brekkie, no none of the AGT finals are live to air. It would be impossible to set up the stage for each act during a commercial brake.

  3. John Jackson

    Jennome – The X Factor and Australia’s Got Talent aren’t being run at the same time on TV. It was just the live auditions for X Factor (which are then edited and broadcast months later) and the live TV broadcast of AGT.

    As to what is different. Plenty. AGT is about magic acts, tricks, singing, impressions, acting whatever, and the judges judge you.

    X Factor you’re placed into one of four categories (females under 25, males under 25, over 25, or groups) and you’re only there as a singer/musician and as well as performing in front of the judges one of them also helps guide you and becomes your ‘mentor’, so the judges also have a stake in who wins and who leaves, as whichever artist or group wins also means that that judge wins in some way.

  4. What on earth’s the difference between X Factor and Australia’s Got Talent? Why would you run two of these shows at the same time.? I’ve never watched either of them – I’m soooo over this never ending parade of talent shows – but from the promos they seem to be interchangeable, all the acts look the same, as do the judges.

    Roll on the day when everyone else gets sick of them too, or they run out of ‘talent’.

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