The Price is Right to honour prizes

The Price is Right will honour prizes for contestants for episodes that may not go to air, following the game show being featured by A Current Affair.

TV Tonight was also contacted by a contestant concerned who claimed to have been told on Friday that changes to episodes meant they would not be receiving prizes.

But by late yesterday afternoon, production sources had been in touch to confirm contestants would be receiving them.

Last night ACA featured a story on the game show reboot about the disappointing prizes and the shop website selling sponsor products. It also claimed to have received complaints about prizes not being honoured but by yesterday afternoon there was advice confirming prizes would now be honoured.

The rule of thumb in game shows (and it’s usually in Terms and Conditions) is that if your episode does not air a network is not obliged to reward the prize.

But as we’ve seen in the past, it’s very bad for PR.


  1. HeyHey_Variety

    Channel Seven better get some better prices on The Price is Right and make John Deaks the voice over guy. (he’s doing warm-up) Or else, they’ll axe it for nothing!

  2. To #owlchic81 Just a quick note. I think the show is recorded months before it is then televice on television. They make a few dozen shows months ago earlier this year and then they go back at making another dozen more perhaps 2 months ago and this is where you might slightly see some improvements maybe. But still its as cheap as bananas for a kilo.

    Someone can correct me if im wrong.

  3. How funny! Ever since the ACA story, or threat of such, there have been many more winners on The Price is Right. Tonight someone even won the showcase and amazingly there was on overseas holiday (to Noumea) in it. I am wondering if they spent the weekend filming as many episodes as they could of people winning. Aside from that the show is still pretty ho hum. And the appearance of Kyle Sandilands (in Lederhosen no less!) didn’t increase the excitement.

  4. Just watch the ACA last night… Its so true i new all this from day one when the show began this year.. I quickly new the prices where as cheap as a potatoe sort of to speak. And the studio set looks tiny and yet they add in cheap low cost car brands.. How about shove in a BMW how about a premium plasma by LG or SONY with quality stereo speakers.. How about a premium camera like a pro canon D7 for example. Why have just cheap ends meet prices. Last time they used to add in more premium items and even bigger and sportie type cars.. And now they have a little tiny car that if you end up winning and try sale that car at your end you get less then a few notes. Looks dead cheap car.. Like the type that will quickly be costing under 3,000 bucks in 5 years time. But the only thing i like is the graphics name gold logo. But i dont like the sound of that young lad about the price is right with his microphone behind the audience.. Sounds shocking. However larry is one of the best ones around i have to agree.. But the show is all to do with Big w and all that cheap stuff… Come one australia… theres lots of money been injected every year.. why not quality stuff. Or do we expect to win a 10 dollar toaster from big W by them that would quickly break in no time at all by the time the toast pops out.

  5. Totally needs to be fixed.7 Could have saved themself a lot of money and put on an old How I met your Mother instead for a fraction of the cost.

  6. the new show is rubbish and why anyone watches it. is beyond me. today tonight will just do another story about the voice and the judges and get someone that only has people that are looking for 15 seconds of fame on his books to talk about the judges salary. it’s just boring crap from both aca and today tonight

  7. Moanique, I totally agree, it is so obvious that Eddie gives not so suble hints, particularly when someone he likes is on the wrong track. What I find amazing is that some of these idiots don’t even realise what he’s doing. I remember one time he felt sorry for a little old lady and ignored the fact that she’d locked in an answer and told her she’d passed, all because she got the wrong answer and he wanted her to get another chance. As for The Price is Right, apart from the incredibly dull Big W shopping vouchers as prizes, the whole feel of the show is dull. I went to one of the last recordings in 2004 and it was maniacal. That whole fun and frenzied feel is missing from the new version and it certainly suffers as a result.

  8. Today Tonight should do a story about Hot Seat, and the way that Eddie constantly guides contestants in the right direction. I suppose it doesn’t matter too much with the earlier questions, but if I was the next contestant waiting to sit in the Hot Seat and missed out because Eddie had blatantly steered someone in the right direction, I would not be very happy. Surely there are competition rules that prohibit this type of thing.

  9. I watched the first episode of TPIR and haven’t watched it since. I found it very poor and prizes were crap.

    Bring back the old format.

  10. The reason why those shows wont go to air is because everyone was winning the final showcase each time. They changed the format so you only have to guess the entire value of the showcase in 30 seconds to win the entire amount – it was too easy and everyone was winning so they changed it back to the orginal “lock it in board” where its harder to pick the item value.

    The really need to change the showcase – pretty poor of channel 7 to give away such a small car with crap prizes to boot – so disappointed in the way they have treated this classic gameshow

  11. Pathetic story on ACA last night, but I agree the show needs an upgrade. It is entertaining in a weird sort of way, but it is too slanted to being an advertorial for Big W. I don’t really care about the quality of the prizes in the preliminary rounds, they don’t have to be particularly expensive, but the Showcase is nowhere near as good as it used to be in the last series of the show. They need to entice better suppliers for the Showcase, definitely. I remember it often used to be worth over $100K some nights. Now it is worth $26K, tops. They have plenty of time to work on it, I’m sure the show will improve with time.

  12. It won’t cost Seven much to honour the prizes – they are all cheap and nasty!

    What a disappointment this show is. Larry Emdur is far better than the production values allow. Bring back John Deeks as voiceover, rebuild the hysteria, enlarge the prize sets so they don’t look like toilet cubicles and get some decent prizes guys.

    PIR can work – it’s just that Seven has done everything in its power to stuff it. Except Larry. We love Larry!

  13. I’m waiting for 7 to retaliate on Today Tonight with a story on how the Voice are tempting teens to buy the songs on iTune at $1:19 and how the profits aren’t going to the performers but to the Voice and its shareholders.

    Either that or they’ll do a story on Sam Newman again, all this tit for tat stuff the channels do is good for a laugh anyway (and not much else).

  14. The show needs to be fixed. New format and new games and less Big W advertising. Overseas holidays, big cash prizes, better cars etc instead of a Big W voucher, rug, pen, tent etc

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