What Kerri-Anne did next….

When she eventually finishes Dancing with the Stars, Kerri-Anne Kennerley will turn her attention to her next project for Seven.

But she’s still remaining coy on the finer details.

“I wish I could tell you more, but I’ve had one meeting on it,” she told TV Tonight.

“It is a format that they’ve bought from overseas that we’ll have a lot of fun with. It’s not an interview show.”

Kennerley’s name was attached to two projects for Seven when she left Nine (one being Dancing). So will she be the front-person for the new project?

“Yes. It should work out like that.”

Meanwhile her focus remains Dancing with the Stars with dance partner Carmello Pizzino and the rigorous rehearsals that are required.

“I’m having a lot of fun. During the week it’s a bit more focussed and hard yakka, and you haven’t got the glitz and make-up and hair to spark you along, but it’s fun,” she said.

She’s also appreciative of renewed support following her exit from Nine after many years.

“It’s lovely. I guess I’ve been kicking around the industry for a little while and people accept you for what you are, and that’s lovely. I’m grateful for that.”


  1. @steve sydney One should never assume 🙂 because many did, and they were wrong.

    Danielle Spencer certainly stands out as being the star of this current season. Final with Zoe and Danielle? maybe.

  2. before the show started and we only had the cast list to go off, i though Johnny too, but i haven’t really enjoyed any of his dancing. Although he does seem to have a fanbase in the perfect SMS voting demographic, so you could be right david.

    I would just really like to see a woman win, the last woman to do it was Bridie carter back in 2007, that was way back when Daryl was the host.

  3. i feel for KAK. it seems she has fallen into a lose/lose situation. if you watch the show, she is the only one that deserves the win imo, perhaps with jessica watson. she is the only one that looks motivated and happy to be there, she puts on a great show every time, and she has a great personality. but if she does end up winning it will be shrouded in negativity just because she is now a 7 personality.

  4. David don’t you mean

    “When she eventually wins Dancing With The Stars”? As if Seven will allow their new recruit to lose.

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