5 years on and it’s everyone back to Larry’s place

Last night Larry Emdur invited about 80 of his ‘closest friends’ back to his place, to celebrate 5 years of The Morning Show.

In attendance were Kylie Gillies, Ann Sanders, Glenn Wheeler, Karen Ledbury, Sarah Stinson, Michael Pell, Peter Meakin, David Koch, Mark Beretta, James Tobin, Luke Jacobz, Simon Francis, plus crew, sales teams, media and tireless publicist Penny Heath.

Emdur looked back on the show’s success, as a sibling show to Sunrise.

“I remember Adam Boland when he first said to me, ‘It’s going to be sharp, it’s going to be edgy, it’s going to be like nothing else. The creative minds behind this programme are so focussed that it’s incredible!'” he said.

“I said, ‘Great, what’s the name of the show?’ And he said ‘The. Morning. Show.’

“And I thought ‘Great, I want to hang out with the creative minds behind that show!'”

Emdur’s ocean-view house of 17 years was jam-packed for the occasion on a wet-Sydney night. Despite the luxurious digs, it was a cosy affair.

“I wanted to prove once and for all to Sydney Confidential that I don’t buy no-frills toilet paper from ALDI,” he joked.

A buoyant producer Sarah Stinson said TMS will celebrate its anniversary across the next 2 weeks, including with next week’s broadcast from Hollywood.

The Morning Show has never lost a ratings week and despite the timeslot we’ve always kept editorial integrity. We’ve never come after the opposition. We’ve always been on the front-foot of breaking news. Game on,” she said.

“If there’s something worth knowing between 9 and 11:30 we’ll tell you. If there’s nothing worth knowing we’ll entertain you.

“We are the market leader and we’ve increased our demos in every market in every state and we deliver 53% more viewers than Channel Nine and 183% more viewers than Channel TEN.”

Impressive stats to be sure. But the night’s most awkward moment came when she alluded to some ‘unresolved sexual tension’ between Emdur and Gillies.

“When you say you work at The Morning Show and you work with Larry and Kylie everyone says the same thing. ‘Have they? Do they? Don’t they? Will they? Won’t they?’ Everyone wants to know.

“And it comes down to one thing I always bang on about. Chemistry. You guys rock. You can’t fake that.”

“Oh you can…” joked Gillies.

Emdur piped up. “You can’t fake it for 5 years, but you can fake it for 3!”

Gillies also thanked Sunrise, crews, news presenter Ann Sanders, advertorial presenters Glenn Wheeler, Karen Ledbury and the media.

“Thankyou for all the wonderful things you write about the show, and thankyou for continuing to write the very correct fact that Larry does indeed earn more money than me.”

Ouch. Maybe it was the ocean views.

But “Advertorials’ is now a no-no phrase amongst the TMS crew.

Stinson told the crowd, “We’ve decided that ‘Advertorial’ is a little dated, so we’re now going to call them Consumer Messages or, the street version, CM’s.”

It might take a little more than 5 years to shake that one off…


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