60 Minutes: June 3

Karl Stefanovic sits down for an interview with Delta Goodrem for 60 Minutes, but is it all yet another cross-promo by Nine following on from the endless Voice stories on ACA?

Delta Force
Love her or loathe her, there’s no denying Delta Goodrem is hot right now. She’s a coach on the wildly popular Channel Nine show “The Voice”. And she’s got yet another hit in the charts. She’s already had eight number one singles since breaking into the music business at the age of fifteen. No doubt, Delta’s enormously talented but it’s her tumultuous love life that grabs the lion’s share of the attention. There have been the bad boy lovers, the cheats, even the recent teenage boyfriend, all the stuff that’s normally ruled off limits in interviews. But when we sat down together recently, Delta announced “anything goes”. And she actually meant it.
Reporter: Karl Stefanovic
Producer: Sandra Cleary

Deadly Pursuit
It can happen in an instant. The police make a split-second decision to give chase – a young driver, high on adrenalin, takes a crazy risk and an unsuspecting motorist strays right into the middle of it all with tragic consequences. A quarter of all those who die in police pursuits aren’t hoons, they’re ordinary people who find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. Without a doubt, it’s a tough call for the officers involved – do they let suspected criminals speed away or do they chase them down at all costs? For the shattered families left behind, there’s only one answer. No crime is worth the risk to innocent lives.
Reporter: Tara Brown
Producer: Steven Burling

The Reunion
On Sunday night you’ll witness a truly amazing display of love and trust – one that’s as moving as it is unique. It’s an unforgettable reunion between a gorilla called Kwibi and the man who raised him and then released him into the wild. Zookeeper Damian Aspinall waited five years before returning to Africa to check up on his old mate. He didn’t really expect Kwibi to remember him. He couldn’t have been more wrong.
Reporter: Michael Usher
Producer: Danny Keens

7:30pm Sunday on Nine.


  1. I can’t for the life of me understand all the negativity to Delta. She is not only beautiful on the outside but beautiful within. Get off the couch knockers and do something constructive instead of arm chair judging, i’d be proud to call her my daughter. Go Delta!

  2. jezza the first original one

    So nothing is off limits in this Delta interview eh? Well the show is going to be broadcast at 7.30pm, which must mean a lot of the stuff that I would ask is off limits.

    So sanitised and so dull

  3. No more Delta stories please.I don’t like her at all and I personally think she is very cold and calculating and choses woeful songs for her contestants to sing on the Voice

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