Amazing Race’s Paul: “I love being the bad guy”

If he is being painted as the villain of The Amazing Race Australia, Paul Montgomery (pictured, left) has no problem with that.

“I do not deny any of what is shown. It is one side of me but I completely embrace it. That’s how I would be in a competitive environment,” he says.

“I am pretty intense. I do look at myself and think ‘Wow this guy needs to relax a bit.’ But I do understand that’s me trying to perform hard.”


His teammate Steven Scale (pictured, right) acknowledges Paul’s competitive nature.

“Yeah that’s him!” he laughs.

“Paul’s already the villain of the show, but you’ll have to watch to see how it all unfolds.”

Entering the contest as the “Workmates” team, it was Paul’s idea to send in an application despite not having spent much time together as friends.

“I’m a big fan of the show and I feel there hasn’t been anyone who’s played like I have. I wanted to bring a bit of businessman’s perspective and show that you can be really competitive without being a jerk,” Montgomery says.

“I did grow up being bullied and I’m standing up for bullied victims somewhat. I don’t like to be picked on so I want to show that this is a kid who used to be picked on and look how motivated and accomplished I am now.

“So I transformed myself and I wanted to see how good I am. I think I’m good, but am I really as good as I think I am?”

No sign of shyness here either.

Despite ruffling feathers with other contestants both Montgomery and Scale spoke highly of their experience.

“It’s completely different from watching it. It’s great to watch and great to do, it’s the experience of a lifetime and I’d do it again in a heartbeat,” says Scale.

Montgomery agrees, saying “I absolutely loved every part of it. I’d wholeheartedly recommend everyone have a go at it. It’s the best thing I’ve done regardless of the outcomes, regardless of the hardships.”

But is there a risk in being depicted as the bad guy? Online forums can be rife with vitriol. Montgomery isn’t fazed.

“I hope I do become the villain. I love being the bad guy,” he insists.

“I’d be flattered to gain such a reaction from people that they feel so passionately about me.”

Teammate Steve remains supportive to the end.

“I’m not going to back down from who Paul is. He’s very focused and intense. I’m yet to see the other side of him. But he’s not always likeable in the first impression that he gives across,” he says.

The Amazing Race Australia airs 9pm Wednesday on Seven.


  1. Deffinately agree with JB.. Paul is the biggest douche and after he pushed Grace over they don’t deserve to win.. they should have been kicked out!

  2. Not a villain, just a complete moron. When he said he wants to be a “ford finker”, i’m guessing he meant forward thinker, i just rolled my eyes. The other guy seems like a decent bloke so it’s a shame he’s paired with a tool.

    If it doesn’t start at 9 tonight, i probably won’t bother watching anymore though.

  3. @Hebblew. You’re exactly right. He was all gunho and ultra competitive until he hit something he couldn’t do. Then he was ready to quit.

    Hardly a villian.

  4. Surely the best strategy is to play nice so other teams share resources/tips. . . and dont U-turn you. The nasty stuff should wait til the last few eps.

  5. “I hope I do become the villain. I love being the bad guy,” he insists.

    Wait, so he is or he wants to be? I don’t think you would need to clarify if you are.. but nice try nameless reality tv person..

  6. Hmmm I only caught the last half of the first EP, but arn’t these the guys that after many attempts building the raft, the guy on the left was saying lets just give up.Seems to undermine all their talk.

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