Arrow: trailer

Meet Stephen Amell, the very buff hero on The CW’s forthcoming¬†series Arrow.

Visuals look good. Hope the script and performances stand up.

No word on Aussie premiere yet.

We’ll also be getting an extended trailer on Beauty and the Beast shortly, so I’ll be keen to see how Jay Ryan fares in that one.



  1. Nine have the rights to this, so whether it’s screened on Go, or gets onsold to Foxtel, it’ll probably be the latter, if it doesn’t generate high enough ratings.

  2. @ Bindi.

    The problem with casting Hartley in the role is that automatically the project is seen as a Smallville spin-off and it appears they’re going for a more reality-based Nolan-esque feel to the show.

    Hartley though has a new show of his own, he’s one of the leads in the new CW program: Emily Owens, M.D.

  3. If they can give Laurel/Dinah a story-arc that convincingly allows her to take up the superhero identity of “Black Canary” (or just “Canary” since it appears that they don’t like “colours” in their superhero names in this production), then I’ll be hooked.

    There’s no way you can have (Green) Arrow without Black Canary!

  4. Looks brilliant. Great to see The CW have reinvested money into the super hero franchise after they finished Smallville last year. Hopefully which ever network gets the broadcast rights in Australia gives it a chance unlike most new series here!

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