Darryl Cotton battling liver cancer

Former TV presenter and pop star Darryl Cotton has been diagnosed with liver cancer.

Cotton, 62, is best known as part of the 60s pop group Zoot. With members Rick Springfield, Beeb Birtles and Rick Brewer they had a hit in 1970 covering Eleanor Rigby.

In television he became a successful breakfast TV presenter on The Early Bird Show for TEN, alongside Marty the Monster as well as Summer Rock for Nine in Adelaide.

Two weeks ago he was sent to Peter MacCullum Hospital in Melbourne for tests were he was diagnosed with the cancer.

Noise11 reports that in recent years he has been performing with Jim Keays and Russell Morris as Cotton, Keays & Morris, performing their individual hits.


  1. daveinprogress

    I hope he fights it and pulls through. Daryl’s place in Australian music and telly has made him a very well liked bloke. Thanks for posting this item, David.

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