TEN cooking up Recipe to Riches

EXCLUSIVE: Network TEN is in discussions for a new food-based Reality series from FremantleMedia Australia, Recipe to Riches.

The show sees home cooks battle for the chance to have their recipe sold in a supermarket chain and nab a cash prize.

FremantleMedia (International) acquired the rights to the format in March. So far it has aired in Canada on the Food Network.

The series begins with food experts choosing finalists in food categories such as Sweet Puddings and Pies, Cakes, Appetizers, Main Courses, or Sweet and Savoury Snacks. The top three finalists in each category fight for a weekly cash prize with the winning product made available in stores nationwide, allowing viewers to taste the cast their vote to decide the ultimate champion.

A FremantleMedia spokesperson told TV Tonight, “We’re hopeful. It’s a great format and the company has a lot of faith in it and we’re talking to the networks.”

The series also offers great sponsorship potential. TEN is tipped to align the programme with Woolworths, which would likely put it at odds with MasterChef sponsor Coles. But such a move may strategically play off the two big supermarket chains as the network seeks to lift its revenue.

Recipe to Riches could also potentially arm TEN with a food-based series for early 2013 against Seven’s My Kitchen Rules.

Earlier this year Rob Clark, Director, Global Entertainment Development, FremantleMedia said: “Recipe to Riches is a ground-breaking programme. For the viewer, it’s the first truly interactive food show; in Idols, you can buy and enjoy the music, in Recipe to Riches, the viewer can eat the winning recipe. What could be more satisfying? Sight, sound, smell and taste, all in one TV show. We’re delighted to have acquired Recipe to Riches and we are very much looking forward to bringing local versions of the show to audiences around the world.”

TEN declined to comment.

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  1. Looks interesting, i’ve always wondered how people go about getting their food products into a supermarket & make it succesful, so will the series be looking at that aspect of it as well?
    You see new products come & go alot as its hard to compete with the giant brand names, the smaller companies usually make the best stuff nowdays though. eg Kookas country cookies, much better than Arnotts which are awful compared to how they used to be years ago.

  2. Sounds just like “Breaking into Tesco’s” which I saw on Foxtel a few years ago. It was a good concept. There was only won winner at the end of the show. They had to not only cook a good product, but make it work so it would last on supermarket shelves, design packaging, logo, branding, marketing etc.. It was beyond a boring cooking show.

    This worked well as a one hour a week show, should TEN consider doing the same, and not stripping it. I’d watch one hour a week, but not 5 nights a week for 1hr.

  3. Smart to take the fight up to Seven but I can’t see this format being stripped across weeknights as TBL presumably will be back at 7pm and 7.30 will be going head to head with MKR

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