What plays on ELEVEN stays on ELEVEN (except when it’s on TEN)

TEN has scheduled replays of The Simpsons and the second season of The Glee Project, both of which were ELEVEN titles.

Presumably that means the decree that “What plays on ELEVEN stays on ELEVEN” is in doubt.

Saturday June 16
6pm The Simpsons rpt
6:30pm The Glee Project (Update not Melbourne)
7:30pm / 8pm Modern Family rpt

TEN will also repeat The Good Wife at 9:30pm following The Graham Norton Show.


  1. I bet you and this does come very belatedly The people that complained about Excused which was a dating show shown on 11 some years back was unsuitable for 6pm which explains a thing or two why they brought back Sabrina and the Simpsons.These days it’s now Family Feud at the same hour of night.A small improvement.

  2. The Old Method was fine 6pm Simpsons.6:30pm Neighbours and 7pm Project on 10.Whoever decided to replace Homer with George Negus should be sent to the naughty corner for a massive time out.

  3. I am a happy camper now that 6pm Simpsons is back (I guess people got sick of seeing the same episodes of Sabrina over and over) but I’ve gone too long without it so I’m not really as into it as I once was.

  4. I thought Ten was going to skew older with Eleven being the 13-29’s. By putting The Simpsons and The Glee Project on Ten then what is the point of ELEVEN ? Are Ten diluting their target demographic ?

  5. And then as noted here they are repeating Homeland on One even if later at night. I assume they’ll put the second season back on Ten when they get it. I think it sensible. If it isn’t overdone.

    I’m wondering if it’s too expensive for them to try to repeat Supernatural from the beginning and put it on Eleven somewhere. Maybe when they run out of one of the Star Treks and maybe replace it with another (there’s The Original Series or Deep Space Nine or Enterprise ) they could try it even if it airs at 10.30pm.

  6. Just stupid that ten would ever even think about moving one of their highest rating shows like the Simpsons to eleven in the first place. Seven or nine would never do such a thing. With this move I can see Simpson premieres coming back to ten!

  7. Mr J is right. The Simpsons is a mainstream show being wasted on Eleven. It should be brought back to Ten and repeats airing on Ten at 6pm and Eleven in other timeslots. Move the underperforming 6pm Project forward to 6:30pm.

  8. The Simpsons should be on TEN anyway, I think Simpsons at 6, Neighbours at 6:30 and the return of the ‘7’ pm project would work better than it has before.

  9. Well having The Simpsons visit their old stomping ground is not a bad thing. ten needs them to break up their schedule of news and reality.

    I’ve noticed ten hasn’t advertised The Good Wife much, lately. I watched this week after missing a few and was surprised to see Mathew Perry. If they had advertised, i would have caught his first appearance.

  10. Secret Squirrel

    I rarely believe anything that David Mott says so it’s not a surprise. The last part of that quote is “… and we’re not going to be running shows on both Ten and Eleven.” It was a stupid thing to say.

    That said, I think Ten need to find older-skewing programs for Fri and Sat nights while a large chunk of their demographic is out.

  11. So no more Hotel Luckily I’ve seen the on Foxtel already..
    I noticed the other week that Snog, Marry, Avoid was a repeat. Just put something new on, there is no need for repeating this so soon.

  12. I reckon ELEVEN should do back to back of Glee and The Glee Project and followed by Snog, Marry, Avoid which should attract a good audience

  13. I’m not against the idea but Glee Project at 6.30 Saturday will not attract an audience.

    It was a bit of a sleeper hit on Eleven hitting 200k on a Friday night – I think they should have let it play out on Eleven.

    Though I’m all for sharing shows between networks – as long as Eleven doesn’t become Go and just fills the schedule with crap.

  14. I think the real problem here is that the only thing in that Saturday night schedule that is not a repeat is Graham Norton. No wonder Ten’s ratings are always appalling at those times.

  15. I suppose its ok since the channels are next to each other, Ten and Eleven. its often a good idea to repeat shows on the main channels just incase someone has missed it or it originally clashed with something else. I would encourage channels to repeat and encore stuff more. One, Ten & Eleven don’t too much anyway.

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