Sunday Night: Sept 2

There are two stories with gay themes this weekend on Sunday Night, but both with different tales.

The first includes the story of Molly Meldrum’s mate Warner Music boss Peter Ikin who died amid allegations involving his newly-married partner.

The second is a story where people’s lives can be changed in an instant after a knock on the head. But no Molly here?

Music Boss Murder
Music icon Peter Ikin was adored by the world’s biggest rock stars. The Warner music boss not only brought superstars like Elton John, Rod Stewart and Fleetwood Mac to Australia, he was also a close friend of Molly Meldrum. He lived a life of wealth and power in luxurious homes in Sydney and London. In October 2008 Ikin secretly married a dashing young Frenchman named Alexandre Depellieres. Just weeks later, Ikin was dead in a Paris hotel room with a lethal dose of pain killers found in his blood. Within days Depellieres had Ikin cremated, and faked a will to claim a slice of his lovers fortune. In this Sunday Night exclusive, Molly Meldrum tells us why his best mate was murdered and who did it. And in Paris, Ross Coulthart confronts the accused lover, who was arrested and later released by French police. In this explosive interview, Depellieres goes on the record for the first time. Did he do it?

Strokes of Life
Chris was a 120 kilogram beer chugging rugby player. Engaged to be married, life was perfect for the macho 20-year-old. Then he suffered a knock on the head doing a forward roll which cut off the blood supply to his brain. It triggered a mini stroke, and when he woke up his life had done a complete turnaround. He’s now a gay hairdresser with a different taste in everything from music, food and romance. He’s even engaged again, this time to a young man named Jak. And Chris is not alone. Alan, a middle aged life-long tradie, woke up from his stroke a gifted artist. He no longer works as a glazier, has completed a fine arts degree and owns his own prestigious gallery in north London. Join Sunday Night for this incredible story of two men who have proven how life can change in an instant.

A Father’s Love
This Father’s Day Sunday Night brings you a story of how a father’s love can work miracles. The proof is young Jackson Keleher. When he was starved of oxygen at birth, Jackson’s devastated parents were told he would be developmentally challenged. Severely brain damaged, he was expected to never walk or even stand. Paralysed from the neck down with Cerebral Palsy, Jackson would never talk and tell his parent’s he loved them. But his father refused to give up, instead giving up everything else to devote himself to his little boy. Two years later, after an incredible journey of pain, joy and inspiration, Sunday Night is there as Jackson stands up and walks for the first time.

Sunday, September 2 at 6.30pm on Seven.

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