Airdate: The B*tch in Apartment 23

Tonight Arena begins new US series The B*tch in Apartment 23 starring Dreama Walker as a girl who moves to New York City to pursue her dream job, but moves in with a con-artist party-girl named Chloe (Krysten Ritter).

It also features James Van Der Beek as a fictionalized version of himself, and look out for other Dean Cain and Kevin Sorbo as themselves in the series. Aussie Ben Lawson will appear in later episodes.

On Foxtel the title is “The B*tch in Apartment 23” but in the US the title is “Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23.” More confusing than those GCB changes.

June moves to Manhattan for a dream job and the perfect company apartment, only to have them disappear in a puff of reality. Deep in debt and out on the streets, June scrambles to land a job and a place to live. It seems her luck has turned when she is hired at a coffee shop and finds Chloe, a charming and vivacious roommate – who also happens to have the morals of a pirate. Chloe soon swindles June out of all her savings, but Chloe and her sarcastic friend James Van Der Beek (playing himself), come to learn that just because June is naive, it doesn’t mean she’s stupid.

7:30pm Mondays on Arena.


  1. I think it more likely that when the dream job disappears that she heads for a lawyer’s office (James could assist with that and turn that into a celeb lawyer so we get a cameo. Someone like Gloria Allred would be the go)…and then to deal with her debt and the cost of the lawyer she creates a mystery event that can go viral online. She sees the love of her life in Manhattan…loses site of him..and before the cash in her purse is totally emptied…pays for a skywriter to put the YT link to the viral video in the sky.

    The pirate falls in love with the skywriter. Shame some of this has been done before.

  2. is not “stupid” but she is deep in debt, didn’t apparently consider returning to where she came from when the dream job disappeared, is swindled from her savings – hang on, wasn’t she just deeply in debt?- and moves in trustingly with someone she doesn’t know.

    Scratching ‘stupid’ and the confusion of being in debt but swindled for all her savings (that disconnect bugs me), this sounds like a typical New York based sitcom.

    Btw, “morals of a pirate”. As a writer said amusingly in an online article about this “Like, she’ll get wasted and liberate spices from the East India Trading Co., we guess.”

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