Oops. Big Brother promo evicts George too early.

Conspiracy theories were running wild yesterday after Nine accidentally aired a promo stating WA mining electrician George Baramily had been evicted on Sunday afternoon.

The promo is believed to have been aired during an episode of Gilligan’s Island at 1:30pm in the Sydney market.

BB Executive Producer Alex Mavroidakis from Southern Star told TV Tonight, it was annoying that of three Nine promos that had been prepared to run after the evening show, the ‘George’ promo accidentally aired, on the very day he was evicted.

“We were alerted to it when people started tweeting, and a screenshot went up. Our radars went up and we thought, ‘Hang on a minute, what’s going on here?'” he said.

On the official BB Facebook page, a post was later added:

A promotion recently went to air that indicated George had been Evicted. This was due to a technical error and is INCORRECT as voting lines are still open and do not close until 6:30pm (Facebook) and 6:43pm (IVR/SMS) AEST. Three promotions were prepared featuring each of the Nominees and unfortunately George’s was broadcast in error. Every vote will still count. You still have the chance to decide WHO will stay in the House and can vote at http://www.bigbrother.com.au/nominations/

On social media yesterday fans were calling the show “rigged.”

The nature of the BB series is that it will always attract conspiracy theories. A much bigger error happened on Season 4 in 2004 when Bree Amer was incorrectly evicted during a last minute voting surge for Wesley Denning.

Mavroidakis  said last night’s voting was the closest in BB history with just 1,000 votes splitting George and Bradley.

“I hope I can put any fears to rest because Channel Nine and Southern Star would be horrifically liable if they were to tamper with the public’s hard-earned cash in any way shape or form.”

Voting is audited by Ernst & Young but total numbers are not released.


  1. To house-elf#

    No point having BB during rugby season matches on ch9 and thats correct this year im back stabing ch9 because they seem to make so much error to even the time slots. Its not normal for a network to muck about between times. Sorry

  2. I’m sure that if they were making these claims they would need to be some what true otherwise they’d be able to be held liable, people are paying money here.

    @Vos, there’s no point showing BB over the football, I think it’s a smart decision to just leave it off for the night. You seem to have a real gripe over BB this year.

  3. To goffy#

    Yes i do also believe the network is making fibs.. just to get your money into thier network by calling these numbers. Again that 50/50% tie is all a gimmic.. all fake. Thats imposible. It happens everytime theres a big brother season. I think its because it looks (kewl) on television but that is something someone has to investigate if the 50/50% tie is realistic or fake. Enough said. I just dont like how ch9 is runing this reality show.. Its a shame because this comming eviction be be on a monday or a tuesday due to rugby matches… Not very well presented on channel 9. What do you think David ? like to know your opinion.

  4. vos – I had real trouble following your second paragraph…. :-/

    jezza – I vote. Not every single week, but I’ve certainly voted this season (and in every single season from 2001 to 2008). I know others who vote, and others who watch but don’t vote.

  5. A silly mistake i’m sure but with terrible ramifications. Easiest $500 I’ve made though!

    One good thing is the vote to save is they evict the “boring” pot plant housemates who tend to win simply because they are nice people.

  6. I just personally think someone loaded the cart wrong, and simply ran the wrong promo.

    We have seen a number of ads run recently that had “expired” events on them.

    A simple but costly mistake.

  7. Hmm interesting. Here we go again and channel 9 makes error ones more… First of all let me point out sonia said last night (there is a tie between 2 housemates who are up for eviction) And i personaly say that tie 50/50% is all a gimmik and its fake. They always seem to use that phrace about there is a tie because both hosuemate(s) are 50/50% I think they do this fake senario to make it look interesting and cool on television. Every show i recall of big brother seasons they do the very same theory of theres a tie. And now im starting to think its a gimmic and should never believe what they say on television.

    Ch9 has too many issues from having issues where to shove big brother or how long to run big brother to know changeing this and chat all voer the place in a week….. And they make too much big brother promos and times they make far too many and there for only idiots on ch9 can only try sneak out promos like that so early in other states. Ch9 doesnt sound like they profetionals.

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