OzTAM to lift number of ratings households, track online viewing.

Ratings service provider OzTAM is set to lift the number of households in its survey panel and begin tracking online viewing of TV programmes in 10% of homes.

OzTAM CEO Doug Peiffer said, “We are also pleased to announce that over the course of 2012 the OzTAM panel size will increase from 3,035 homes to 3,500 homes, ensuring OzTAM’s continued world’s-best positioning compared to any TAM panel in any market.”

It will raise the number of panel homes to 950 in Sydney; 900 in Melbourne; 650 in Brisbane; 500 in Adelaide; 500 in Perth.

10 per cent of panel homes will have both their TV sets and their PCs metered for viewing of broadcast TV content.

“We are currently working with Nielsen to develop the options for reporting viewing across multiple screens and to provide initial top line insights to the marketplace later this year.”

OzTAM has also extended its contract with  data suppliers Nielsen for television audience measurement (TAM) services in the five Australian metropolitan markets to 2017.

“This new agreement leverages OzTAM’s substantial investments including the introduction of its Time Shift Viewing service, upgrading all panel homes to the state-of-the-art UNITAM metering system and decisions this year to increase the size of the OzTAM panels,” said Peiffer.

David Ellem, CEO of Nielsen’s Television Audience Measurement business in Australia, added: “Television viewing habits are evolving as new technologies create additional opportunities to view and we look forward to working with OzTAM to help Australian media owners, agencies and advertisers understand and leverage these developments in the coming years.”

In the recent Audience Inventory, 80% of TV Tonight readers indicated they had never been asked to participate in a Ratings Survey.

OzTAM is jointly owned by Seven, Nine and TEN.


  1. @ secret squirrel – actually on a site such as Ten’s this will stop the show being shown, so that is not an answer.

    In any case, I have no issue with ads at all. I realise their importance in allowing us to have FTA and think that the deliberate skirting of them is one of the reasons why we are in the crapper with regards to FTA anyway. I don’t find the online ads intrusive (a bit repetitive maybe) but I also see that they are necessary. I also understand that that is a personal opinion. 🙂

  2. @emily – I accounted for demographics in my first question. But I didn’t know about the ads costing less. That surprises me actually, as you cannot FF the ads online and they are the things that generally cause the system to crash 😉

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