Returning: New Girl, SVU, One Tree Hill.

TEN fast-tracks new episodes of New Girl and Law and Order: SVU next week.

New Girl moves to 7:30pm Monday October 1st. A second episode airs at 8pm but presumably this is a repeat. The season premiere of Hawaii Five-0 airs at 9:30pm (current new eps airing are from S1).

Law and Order: SVU begins a new season at 8:30pm Thursday October 4th.

All will air within about a week of the US.

Unaired episodes of One Tree Hill are rescheduled now at 11:15pm Mondays from October 1st.


  1. @APM – I’ve been watching TNG (which somehow I’ve never actually got arround to seeing), and voyager on Saturdays (which is back now that they’ve stopped playing masterchef/i will survive/etc repeats all evening and again on Sundays). 11 played the original series when they started, and also a season or so of ds9.

    I guess it matches up with the 11 planned demographic, as does simpsons/futurama/dollhouse/etc.

    There’s only a month or so left of TNG at the current rate – I’m hoping that they’ll move on to DS9 though…

    The three episodes a week is a bit much. It used to be two, but still starting at 8:30.

  2. Yeah, if they are gonna put it on Ten at that hour then why not 10:30 Mondays on Eleven? Instead of Frasier repeats. it’ll be like 11 airing another teen aimed show on Tuesdays at 10:30 (Melrose). and while they are at it, Friday Night Lights on Fridays at 10:30-ish?

    the possible ideas for lineups/schedules are endless, why don’t Ten ever listen to us?

    speaking of Eleven, am I the only one here who’s not ok with 11 airing old Star Trek in prime time on Thursdays for 3 hours? I mean its a bit much, 10:30 could be a better time and there’s tones of newer shows they could very much air! like Eureka or something.

  3. David, there are two episodes of New Girl airing in the US on the 25th, the first is labelled as a season 2 preview while the second is the season 2 premiere.

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