The Following: promo

In June Nine revealed a bunch of titles it would premiere in 2012:

Treasure Island,
The Following,
Golden Boy,
Parade’s End.

It’s not clear if it will still follow through on these, but here’s another glimpse of The Following.



  1. While I appreciate that Nine (or any other network for that matter) will look to the US to assess how a show performs, it does strike me as odd that they’re unwilling to take a risk and fast track a new show before the illegal downloaders can get to it; or at the very least, have a little faith in the shows that they’ve bought!
    I think that the BBC’s process of putting a show on one of the less-watched channels to prove itself first, then promote it to the main channel if a hit, or leave it as if only moderately successful, would work well here.
    However, it seems as though the commercial networks here are just desperate for every show to be an instant hit, and are unwilling to look after the growers.

  2. I find that Nine will now only broadcast a show once it’s proved itself in the US or elsewhere. I’ve lost count of the amount of shows that they’ve plugged, only for them to never be screened after they’ve not been a massive runaway success in their country of production.
    Of course, when a show is deemed a hit elsewhere, and Nine does decide to show it, a large chunk of the audience have already downloaded it or bought the DVD.
    It seems to me that Nine don’t have reliable buyers, either they’re buying up duds, or just picking up the cheap stuff because it’s all they can afford.

  3. Arrow is a definite because Channel 9 sent crew to the set to film interviews etc.

    I haven’t heard word when it premieres here, but it premieres on Oct 10 in the US. I’d love it to be fast-tracked.

    I saw the pilot episode at a convention in Canada. It was fantastic. Great action, sprinkled with a bit of humour, which was surprising but well done.

    I also saw the pilot episode of Revolution but wasn’t impressed with that.


  4. That’s a good point- did the ABC pass over Parade’s End? I thought the ABC had first dibs on the BBC’s drama offerings. Only thing I can think of is that this is an BBC/Nine co-production.

  5. Probably show four episodes and can it like they did with “Dallas”, I will wait for the DVD like I am doing with Dallas. Will not watch Nine unless it is very good movie and then if it is I will have probably seen it at the movies.
    David is Seven still in the deal with MGM/UA and their vast film library ?

  6. About the only thing you can be sure about is that if Nine promises a decent overseas show for later in the year, it will not be be shown until the following year, if you’re lucky. Since it won’t even be appearing on Fox until Jan 2013 I think I can safely presume that it won’t be on Nine in 2012.

    The only question is whether they’ll follow Ten’s lead and fast-track it. Given their treatment of other programs, we can possibly be grateful that the lead isn’t someone who used to be in Friends.

  7. The Following is going to be a mid-season series in the US. So that’s prob a January premiere. If Nine promised to air in 2012, well they’ll fail already. Really looking forward to The Following. Doubt Nine will fast track in 2013 anyway.

  8. In the case of the Following, its a case of 9 promising in June, something that they knew in May they couldn’t deliver in 2012.

    Which begs the question why they included it in the press release in the first place?

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