US shows coming to Seven

Seven will fast-track three US shows in October:

The Amazing Race, Grey’s Anatomy and Once Upon a Time.

But it will hold new US titles until 2013.

TV Tonight understands some of them may continue into summer.

Seven is also set to premiere US drama Grimm (pictured) soon, which has already been playing on Foxtel. It merges fairytales with a contemporary procedural drama.


  1. Yeah, I am seriously bothered that there haven’t been any ads or anything for Once Upon A Time… And it’s my favourite show! I can’t deal with every country but us getting to see it! 🙁

  2. Suits is my favourite show on FTA. Channel 7 have shown all the episodes in neat season blocks so I am happy. The late night slot means I can tape them easily.

  3. Once Upon a Time was not doing well on Tuesdays at 7:30pm. It’s ratings were dropping rapidly from 1.3m and were below 800k. That is not acceptable for Channel 7 on Tuesday at the peak of the ratings season.

    That is why they used up the remaining S1 episodes as counter programming against the @l^mp!cs, where it did fairly well holding 700k viewers three nights a week. And why they will show S2 in October and possibly into summer, and probably later in the week. This will save other content for the 2013 ratings season.

  4. Oh wow!! Fantastic news!

    Finally they seem to be realising that US shows declining in ratings is because we get sick of waiting and find ‘other’ means!

    If they show it within a reasonable time frame of it airing in the US, I’m quite happy to watch it on FTA.

    But as I don’t have a ratings box, no-one knows what I watch anyway……

  5. Suits is a great show, I’ve watched both seasons and enjoyed every episode. Probably my favourite show on air right now, it’s a joke that Seven treats it so badly.

    Season 2.5 starts in the US in January with six new episodes, knowing Seven they’ll hold them over until the middle of next year

  6. Channel 7 like to ruin good shows like Smash and Grimm by showing double episodes in a late timeslot on a night when they are Always running late…I will stick with the shows as they are on Foxtel…much more reliable. Both are great shows, I hope Foxtel continue to show them before 7.

  7. @ Guy

    I didn’t mean immediately but after the reality show has ended. I’ll admit I don’t care about fast tracking. I care about it being shown at a sensible time and reliable day. So I hope they have a sensible plan that hopefully will work for nearly everyone including any kids watching it.

  8. @TasTVcameraman – I feel your pain, man. Suits is one the best shows on at the moment, and it gets buried in almost a graveyard time slot. And FTA channels are getting so increasingly bad at start/finish times that it just is not worth it.

  9. Probably be fast tracked and end up like “Suits” buried at 11.10 but really 11.23 . I am fast losing patience with the FTA networks, so much so I am starting to enjoy my music again with the TV turned Off. As most of the shows I like apart from Neighbours are on too late to watch as I start work early.

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