Big Bang back when Big Brother bows out

Repeats of The Big Bang Theory will move back into the 7pm timeslot once Big Brother vacates the Nine building.

The Reality show ends with a two hour finale on Wednesday November 7th.

I’m hopeful Nine will commission a new show for 7pm weeknights next year, but suspect that Reality will continue to be stripped into the timeslot in 2013. And aside from one dismal flop it’s worked pretty well for them.


  1. I can’t help thinking Had Nine got the Rights for the New Price is Right and they returned it the way it used to be but with a New Host and Everything as their 2012 show at the start of the year We could have been spared from more of these repeats.Oh well the damage has been done and it’s up to Nine to fix it for 2013 and beyond.

  2. The first 3 seasons of TBBT are well written weaving nerd humour into their plots. They are well worth a second viewing — though a 6th is probably pushing it.

    After that they just started churning out the same old stuff with a few good episodes in the Sweeps weeks.

    It’s not exactly a huge change, there are 8 episodes of TBBT on Nine channels this week, they will just move them from Go! to Nine.

  3. Doesn’t bother me.We are a Everybody Loves Raymond house over at 11 anyway at the same hour.

    In an age when one can borrow a Box Set of an Older Version of TBBT from either the Video Store for a week or a fortnight from the Library Why does Nine have to subject us to this.Watch them be eaten alive by the ABC News and the crap that passes for Home and Away over the coming months and whatever Seven decides to put on this summer to fill the gap at 7pm on weeknights.

  4. I don’t see how people can watch the Big Bang Theory over and over again.

    Even Modern Family on ten. Really good show, a different league from TBBT. However even that, it hasn’t got enough episodes to be repeated so often.

    To me this is usually a PVR slot. Where I watching things taped from the night before.

  5. Very low quality option – surely they are not going to screen this five days a week through to February? The program has already suffered from massive over-saturation of programming.

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