Full season pick-ups for New Normal, Revolution and Go On

It’s that time of year when US networks begin to give their new Fall shows the thumbs up or thumbs down, sometimes for a full season, more episodes or more scripts.

NBC has given the green light to The New Normal, Revolution and Go On for full seasons.

The New Normal is due to premiere in Australia on TEN on Sunday week, a comedy based around two gay men who decide to become parents and the woman who becomes surrogate.

SciFi series Revolution from producer JJ Abrams is currently fast-tracked in Australia on Foxtel. The series is set in the future when electricity and energy are no more.

“We’re impressed with the imagination and creative direction of the entire team on Revolution, not to mention the immediately strong response we got from the audience,” said NBC Entertainment president Jennifer Salke. “Ordering the full season of this show is a pleasure. Thanks to J.J. Abrams, Erik Kripke, Jon Favreau and everyone at Bad Robot and Warner Bros. Television for their dedication to making a truly unique series. And I personally love to escape into a world where there is no power, the phone doesn’t ring, and the pace of life slows down — if only for one hour a week.”

Matthew Perry’s dramedy Go On also wins a full season from NBC. Perry stars as  a sports broadcaster trying to move on from the loss of his wife.

“In partnering with Matthew Perry for Go On, creator Scott Silveri has created a comedy with a highly original voice that deftly combines humor and emotion. And Ryan Murphy and Ali Adler have created a truly unique family in The New Normal that is reflective of the changing dynamics of the world we live in.”

Source: Hollywood Reporter


  1. Revolution – update – in this weeks ep (that aired last night on Fox8) they mentioned steam as in there were no more steam powered ships to get to England. To me it sounded like steam power was an option but no one had any working ships to sail across the oceans. I guess we’ll find out more in coming weeks.

    This weeks ep was really good, it’s just getting better and better.

  2. Revolution – Not sure why they aren’t using steam but apparently science went wacky and all hell broke out. Still if they can cook food and boil water then steam power is a possibility, maybe it will come up as they explore more of what happened.

    But remember we have been to the moon but its been reported it could take many years to go back there, so many it’s a time thing. They need to reinvent the technology and there are only a few steam trains running in 2012.

    I’ll keep watching to find out, also I do like the limited flash backs which nicely fill in some of the blanks.

  3. I had such high hopes for Revolution, however, since it is clear that science is not an important part of the show, it actually makes no sensse. for starters, why are they not using steam power? Also, why is it that they fell back to a Frontier days idealism?

    I fear it will only get worse and play out a single season as everyone becomes more and more frustrated with the lack of realism conected to the show.

    I like escapism but is it so hard to get the science part of sci fi right?

  4. Only watched first of Revolution so far. I liked.

    I watched Last Resort (don’t know if on or coming on Aus TV). That was really good! Hope that gets renewed and they keep the writing up.

  5. I’m absolutely loving Revolution so this is great news. I’m looking forward to seeing The New Normal and Go On and hopefully they are worth the renewals.

  6. Revolution started OK. Though they killed the most interesting character early and the rest of them just got more and more annoying. Then nothing much happened till a twist at the end.

    The 2nd ep was similar except even less happened. I fastforwarded through most of it. The twist at the end wasn’t much of a surprise since Elizabeth Mitchell was never going to sign for a series where she only played a dead character in a flashback.

    666 Park Avenue looked a bit more interesting. But I doubt I will be watching either of them once Supernatural starts.

    And Person of Interest also uses flashbacks.

  7. Revolution is a bit slow to start but I’m hooked now, just hope we get a payoff by the end of the season.

    Go On is really good also and FYI Lauren Graham will be making a guest experience on the show later this season. She also guest started on Studio 60 and she dated Mathew briefly a few years ago. She will play his ex.

  8. As many have said, TEN should pair Modern Family with New Normal (even though I don’t like either, they’d work well given the family aspect).
    I don’t know who has Partners, but if TEN have it, they should pair it with New Girl.
    I wasn’t overly impressed with Partners after episode one, but episode two had me laughing, more than any other new comedy this season. The rest are terrible and so ‘same same’.

  9. Revolution is like Alcatraz: fantastic trailer and premise, but the show itself is too polished. If it was produced by FX / AMC / HBO – it’d be more raw and look more realistic.

    JJ sure loves is flashback stories in his shows. Lost, Alcatraz, and now Revolution.

  10. Great news. I love Go On. Very good show and the supporting cast is brilliant.

    Revolution and The New Normal have been doing well in the demos so not surprising. Doubt Revolution will go beyond season 1 though. It’s good, but not amazing. Same for The New Normal, not nearly as bad as some of the new comedies

  11. Three episodes in I can confidently say Revolution is a fantastic series. I wasn’t impressed by the initial trailer released last May but after watching the pilot I was hooked.

    Really great show. Also ‘Go On’ is an awesome series too. NBC looks to be much more successful this year

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