Seven signs Australian Open Golf

Seven has confirmed a new broadcasting deal for the Australian Open at The Lakes Golf Club in Sydney, after TEN pulled out of its deal in June.

Seven will broadcast all four days of the tournament from 12pm to 5pm AEDT from 6th – 9th December, totalling 20 hours.

Seven Head of Sport Saul Shtein said: “Seven has a long and proud tradition of broadcasting golf and live sport. We look forward to once again showcasing the cream of Australian and international golf.”

Golf Australia CEO Stephen Pitt said, “We’re looking forward to an exciting Emirates Australian Open which will be broadcast into millions of homes across Australia on the Seven Network.

“The Emirates Australian Open holds a special place in the hearts of both Australian golfers and sports fans and we’re very pleased that the Seven Network supports our passion to showcase the best of international golf across the country.”

Brian Thorburn, CEO of the PGA of Australia said: “This announcement is a great result for Australian sports fans. The 2011 Emirates Australian Open was watched by a significant domestic and international television audience, and we look forward to working with Channel Seven to grow the tournament in 2012 and beyond.”


  1. Golf does not rate because the Oztam sample audience of 1500 does not contain Golfers ! Just NRL watchers , in big numbers which skews the results. See the Foxtel figures .Oztam does not cover regional areas , in full nor viewers in hospitals , retirement places & clubs etc .There are more watching Golf on tv than the numbers indicate . Like Cycling on SBS , 1 million watching but Oztam put it at 50, 000 !!!

  2. I thought the appeal with golf was its small audience were typically wealthy and that’s why elite advertisers like sponsoring it….sort of the opposite audience to a more working class footy typicaly gets

  3. no offence to the golf fans, but I’m sure 7 are looking forward to have those 5 people watching.

    seriously golf doesn’t rate in oz.

    it has only rated ok when tiger was in it.

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