A Current Affair claims the year in Brisbane

A Current Affair has claimed the year in the Brisbane market, having already won in Sydney and Melbourne.

Last week ACA took out 21 of 40 weeks in the Queensland capital in a tight tussle with Today Tonight.

ACA is now claiming 32 of 40 weeks along the East Coast, including 21 weeks won in Sydney and an impressive 37 weeks in Melbourne, although the numbers do include the Olympics fortnight when Nine ran a cut-down version of the show.

Executive Producer Grant Williams said, “This is a humbling result for our hard-working team of reporters, producers, researchers, editors, camera and sound operators who work tirelessly to bring viewers the stories that matter most.

“There’s a clear reason why A Current Affair dominates the ratings in Australia’s biggest capital cities. We tell the stories that affect their lives, we bring them the most talked about interviews, we go in to battle for what is right and we provide them with information to make their family’s lives easier.”

Tracy Grimshaw added, “We are all ecstatic with this result. It hasn’t come easily and no one here is taking it for granted. This is the hardest, highest pressure timeslot in television and it feels pretty damn good to be winners again.”

Just to be make things more confusing, TT still averages an annual average in Brissy of 208,955 vs ACA‘s 206,772 viewers. More simply, Today Tonight will still to claim a national win for the year due to its grip on Adelaide and Perth.


  1. Let these shows die already.If you want Current Affairs Type of Shows Watch Sunday Night or 60 Minutes and during the year when it’s on Dateline and Insight every week or the Project.

    There are plenty of better alternatives of all sorts over at Multi Channel Land.11’s Neighbours and Go’s Two Broke Girls would be my alternative viewing options as I have class and standards and I am well under 50 years of age.

  2. Who the hell cares.Bogan Tonight and Feral Affair.The day they cancel both should be made a public holiday.Anyone got any better ideas what to replace either with.

  3. @deedeedragons.. I’m with you. If anything, this story just makes me feel a little sadder about the viewing habits of the masses.

    Regardless, congrats to Tracy.. surely she’ll get a nice little bump in salary as a reflection of this result as she wouldn’t be doing this show for the mental stimulation now would she..!?

  4. it’s not the number of weeks won it’s who has the highest share at the end of the race. So ACA might have won 21 weeks in Brisbane (and Sydney) but TT could still have the higher share in those cities at the end of the survey year.

    Question is, which show has the higher Year To Date figure?

    And also is their “40 weeks” including the Easter period which are not normally counted?

  5. @jesicka309
    A win is a win. I also don’t think there should be any reason why Olympic weeks should not be counted as part of the year’s ratings for any show. Nine paid close to 100 million for the rights and outbid Seven. It’s not a luck thing, Nine won the rights it fair and square and it should count.

  6. 21/40 weeks? Puhlease. That’s hardly a convincing win, or anything to crow about.
    Especially if they’re still averaging less viewers than TT. And, as you say, including the two weeks of Olympics, which other stations don’t even include as part of the normal yearly cycle.

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