Showrunners seminar in Sydney & Melbourne

Glen Mazzara, Showrunner on The Walking Dead, is one of several writers who will appear at a 3 day seminar on Showrunners in Sydney and Melbourne in February.

At the recent SPAA Conference, “Showrunners” was the buzz word of the week.

Now Epiphany International Artists will present the 2013 Television Writers Studio, offering insider knowledge on the methodology that puts the writer at the helm of production.

Across three days of lectures, simulated writers rooms, panel discussions and a pitching competition, this event will also be attended by producers, network executives and writing coaches including Heads of Development at Screen Australia, Film Victoria and the ABC.

International speakers include Jen Grisanti, former VP of Current Programming at NBC, Ellen Sandler, EP of ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’, Carole Kirschner, Director of WGA Showrunner Training Program and former VP of Television at Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment and Steve Kaplan, comedy consultant for writers at HBO, Disney, Screen Australia, NBC, Paramount and Dreamworks.

Australian guest speakers and judges are Tony Ayres (ABC “The Slap’), Adam Zwar (ABC Lowdown/Wilfred) and Claudia Karvan (writer/producer of Love My Way and Spirited).

When: February 23 – 25, 9am – 6.15pm
RMIT Storey Hall and The Wheeler Centre

When: February 28 – March 2, 9am – 6.15pm
Hoyts @ Fox and AFTRS Studios


  1. We’re not amateurs, we work in a boutique industry here in Australia, with smaller budgets. I suspect that it’s the same job, just a different title in many instances.

    Bevan Lee & Dan Bennett at Seven, Greg Haddrick at Screentime and Rick Maier at Ten were all well established writers before taking up more senior positions. These people bring their extensive writing knowledge and experience to the shows they’re responsible for.

  2. It shows how amateur our industry is when show runners are seem as a new and fresh thing when they’ve been done in the states for years. Same goes with writing rooms. Sigh….

    • Not amateur, just different models. Fewer Australian writers have also been the producers, but we see more emerging recently. Our Crawfords and Grundys models served us well for many years, resonating well beyond their duration.

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