X Factor “rigging” claims not triggered by Sony

FremantleMedia has denied the details of a magazine story today with the headline, “XFactor sham: The winner was chosen weeks ago.”

Woman’s Day quotes a fan tweet: “Wow, Sony posted the winner of X Factor 2012, The Collective on their website and Deleted it after realizing. That’s how rigged X Factor is.

“The Collective were decided as the winners before the show even aired,” wrote another. “Waste of money for the people that voted. It’s rigged.”

However Sony clarified at the time via Twitter that no such error had been made by them:

“To all asking: we did NOT post on our website/twitter that The Collective win X Factor & then delete the post. This is false information.”

TV Tonight understands the original claim was made by a (possibly aggrieved?) fan in the Sony website forum. The September date coincides with the exit of ‘rival’ boyband What About Tonight.

While The Collective nevertheless remains the hot favourite to win the show, including with considerable media coverage, a FremantleMedia spokesperson nevertheless told TV Tonight, “Our vote each week is independently audited by Ernst & Young.

“There is absolutely no reason to question the integrity of the vote.”


  1. Whether The Collective win or not, they will be signed and release music. But it’s not in anyone’s interest to fake a win – it only makes sense for Seven to keep the most popular people on the show. Why would they kick off a more popular contestant to help Sony maybe sell a song down the line? Wouldn’t happen.

    This story is a nonsense, and for Woman’s Day to have presented the forum poster’s comment as fact is appalling.

  2. DanielW, both pof those things can be put down to XFactor marketing towards teenage girls. Those are the biggest audience for the show and they tend to vote en masses for young male contestants

  3. For those saying the voting is rigged, don’t worry.

    Two weeks ago on the radio Scott Russell Hill, “The world’s most accurate psychic”, said none of this years X-Factor crop will have a career in the music industry, past 12 months, except Trent from the Collective who will be successful as a solo artist.

  4. One Direction came second…. Anthony Callea came second…. But let’s be honest all these competitions are rigged esp the X factor. the viewers vote and if the judges disagree than they can save the eliminated contestant. this always allows the producers to tell them who to save and who to not. at the end of the day if you are voting on talent shows you’re a moron.

  5. Fixed. My local Westfield had a giant promo poster banner up for X-Factor, One Direction was the selling point. Thus indicating, “The Collective” is the winning point.

    “What About Tonight” was like 1D Aussie Style. Also Notice how Seven always have had a male winner on their reality contests. Mastin was last season X-Factor. Vidgen AGT. Any good ladies out there?

  6. I wouldn’t be surpised if the show was fixed. Just look at the amount of ads they show for Bella compared to Sam.J who is a better singer then Bella.

  7. The Collective are going to win because they’re very marketable and the girls love them even though they suck. Some of the members (especially Jayden) are weak vocalists and their harmonies are not that good.

  8. Another claim from a fan:

    “The ad for last Tuesday nights result show said it all. The ad was aired during the day on Tuesday showing the bottom 3 as Bella, Shiane and the collective if it’s not rigged how did ch 7 know that was the bottom 3.”

    I’ve said it before and will again, data-monitoring companies are harvesting all the time, so, if something was posted on a website and deleted, it still should have been picked up by the myriads of monitoring tools out there.

  9. I wouldn’t use word rigged but I know for a fact that producers “encourage” the judges to make certain decisions. Producers were apparently pissed about one of the judges picking a certain performer for their top3. The judge put foot down and eventually got their way. So yeah public is fooled if they they the judges have free rein

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