2012: The shows they missed

reefdoctorsEvery year networks announce the shows they intend to screen, but by the end of the year we’re still waiting for some to surface.

Sometimes it’s understandable -shows get delayed or postponed in the US.

Sometimes the show is a stinker and they avoid them entirely. Or maybe they push them out to the following year.

For whatever the reasons, here is a list of new seasons that were touted but (as best I can ascertain) never actually made it to air this year.

Please Like Me*
Next Stop Hollywood*

Pan Am
Parade’s End*
Sinbad (aired on ABC1)
Treasure Island
The Following*
Golden Boy
The Great Australian Bakeoff*

Reef Doctors*
Ripper Street*
Come Date with Me
The 2-2
How to Be a Gentleman

Off Their Rockers*
Got to Dance Australia
Australia’s Next Top Model*

Seven originally promised Wild Boys but then cancelled it before the year began.

It seems all of the shows SBS announced made it to air….

*confirmed for 2013.


  1. It’s the last day in February 2013 and still no Reef Doctors. Lisa McCune is good actress and missed since Sea Patrol. Believe Reef Doctors will be as good of show. So what happened to Feb. 2013 air date?

  2. During 2012 SBS did announce that Lillyhammer would be broadcast soon, only for it to then not materialise.
    Admittedly, they never said exactly when it would be shown, just that it was coming up at some point, so could still be planned for the near future.

  3. Pan Am did well internationally, but its US network wasn’t happy with ratings over there, so they pulled the plug (in spite of strong interest from its international networks). The DVD is being released this month over there. I don’t understand why Nine isn’t showing it over the summer break.

  4. A good example to never trust 9 – they promise shows they know they can never deliver them in the period they’re promising them for. Why?

    Because they’re mid-season (2013) US shows like the Following and Golden Boy and they’re announced as such in the US before 9 make their own PR announcements, so the only reason I can think to announce them is just to tout that they’ve got the rights to them, period.

  5. Parade’s End is BBC’s answer to Downton Abbey which 9 will no doubt flog as the next big series. However, it’s only a mini series.Still great cast and touted as a solid piece of TV.

  6. Didn’t Warwick Capper announce that he was going to have his own TV show on GO! in 2012? “A cross between Wayne’s World and the Kardashians” I believe he said

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