ABC News 24 integrates with YouTube, Facebook & Twitter.

ABC News 24 viewers can watch live news within social networks YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

The move means that viewers can access the live ABC News 24 stream online without the need to leave these platforms.

From today, ABC News 24 can be watched live within YouTube, Facebook and Twitter with ‘YouTube live streaming’ at:

“Now when news breaks, viewers can watch rolling news unfold live without leaving their social networks. They can tweet, post comments, and share live events with contacts and friends while continuing to watch ABC News 24 in the same browser window,” said ABC News 24 Controller Gaven Morris.

The new service is made possible through ‘YouTube live streaming’, and ABC News 24 is the first Australian broadcaster to take advantage of the platform. The move continues ABC News’ vision of delivering news the way audiences want it.

“This exciting innovation is another example of the ABC expanding the way audiences can engage with news, and it provides another option to watch News 24 online,” Mr Morris said. “We have been in the YouTube space for some time with ABC News content, but we’re really looking at how we can develop and strengthen our overall YouTube strategy.”

ABC News’ existing YouTube channel receives one million views a month, and recently made international headlines when it captured Julia Gillard’s accusations of misogyny in Federal Parliament – which was viewed well over two million times.

ABC News 24 is Australia’s most watched news channel, on average reaching 3.4 million people a week nationally. **Source Oztam & RegionalTAM (Wks 1-43 2012)

In 2012, ABC News 24 recorded a monthly average of 319,000 live streams via iview and the ABC News 24 site. **Source: Webtrends (Jan-Nov 2012)

To switch the service on, place this link into Facebook or Twitter and it will embed the stream or just go to to watch ABC News 24 live.

Find out more by viewing our News 24 YouTube live streaming promo:

You can also watch the live ABC News 24 stream at

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  1. I think its a great idea to view abc 24 on youtube. I think the commercial stations need to embrace technology more. At the very least they should put more content on their catch up tv sights. For example I enjoy watching footy classsified which is on very late on a monday evening. Accept for a few short video clips on their site you cannot watch a full episode online. I wish channels would make better use of their catch up sights.

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