Airdate: World Without End

SoHo will screen World Without End, the mini series that is a sequel to The Pillars of the Earth, currently having a screening on ABC1.

The eight hour television event will premiere over four Sunday nights from December 30.

In the dramatic follow up to Ken Follett’s hugely successful mini series, The Pillars of the Earth, times are tougher then ever. England is on the brink of devastating war with France that will last over a hundred years, and a terrible plague is spreading that will wipe out a third of Europe’s population before it is done. Caris, a visionary young woman, struggles to rise above the suffering and oppression in order to lead her people out of the Dark Ages. With her lover Merthin, she builds a community in Kingsbridge that stands up to The Church and The Crown. Together, they unearth a dangerous secret and must fight to save their town from ruin. Stars Cynthia Nixon, Ben Chaplin, Charlotte Riley and Miranda Richardson.

Mini Series Parts 1 and 2, Sunday December 30 at 8.30pm.


  1. I love these books and had been waiting for ages for free to air to show them as I dont have Foxtel. I watched Pillars last night and thought it was great and cant wait for the remaining eps. Any idea if the ABC will screen World Without End anytime after Foxtel?

  2. No problem David, you do a great job but it must be almost time for your summer break 🙂

    So “movie length” episodes for 4 weeks, being on SoHo I hope they break them up into separate eps with full credits.

  3. From what I have read the writers/producers have heavily modernised the book in comparison to Pillars of the Earth. Also it aired on a channel called Reelz which has ads so the episodes are much shorter than Pillars of the Earth which was on adless Starz.

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