Bumped: The Amazing Race, Castle. Returning: Highway Patrol.

Seven has amended its Monday night line-up from next week:

Dec 17
8:30pm Highway Patrol rpt
9:00pm Castle rpt
10:00pm The Amazing Race finale 2 hrs.

Dec 24
8:40pm Highway Patrol rpt
9:10pm Castle rpt
10:10pm TBA

Dec 31
8:30pm Highway Patrol rpt
9:00pm Castle rpt
10:00pm TBA

Whitney returns 11:30pm Mon Jan 7


  1. At least Seven hasn’t split ‘The Amazing Race’ 2-hour finale over two weeks! Wasn’t there a US reality show that had its finale split over two weeks by some commercial network?

  2. I wonder if they watch their own programs sometimes, either that or they do not think we do.
    I gave up watching H/way patrol some time ago because of the repeats of repeats, and I think they even mixed up/interchanged different arrests/chases etc within those repeats,

  3. Most likely they bumped it because the Amazing Race rate horribly on Monday, getting just above 200k at 9:30 pm. I mean those numbers would even look bad on channel Ten. The repeats will probably rate much better, sad but true.

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