Greg Pearce quits Nine News Perth

Friday November 30 turned out to be a big day in TV land (today is the last day of ratings).

Many staff left TEN, Breakfast ended, Matt White quit Today Tonight and the government announced new reforms.

Perth presenter Greg Pearce quit Nine News amid rumours he is headed to TEN.

Pearce has been presenting Nine News in Perth since 2008, as the sole anchor after the departure of Dixie Marshall.

In a statement, Pearce said: “It has been wonderful to bring Nine News into the homes of our loyal viewers for the past five years and I feel privileged to have had the opportunity.

“I would like to thank the Perth news team for their support during my time at Channel Nine. My colleagues are a talented bunch and I wish them well for the future.”

Matt Tinney takes over the 6pm bulletin from Monday.

Meanwhile TEN sports reporter and fill-in presenter Ian Cohen also leaves in TEN redundancies yesterday.

Source: PerthNow


  1. Of course greg read the news in Melbourne in 1987 on seven and was out rated by cartoons on the the abc. Roger ramjet I think. Bad year for seven that year. Fairfax bought the network cut production to close to zero in Melbourne and sacked Mal walden Greg did not stand a chance!!!!

  2. @StephenVic : Completely correct. I was cabin crew with Ansett in those days and had Greg on one of my flights back home to Perth and he said pretty much exactly that. Lovely bloke.

  3. @ Bella……Yes Greg worked at Ten previously. I recall reading that he quit Ten coz he use to have to fly to Sydney each week and do Ten’s News for Perth from there before flying home for the weekend which he thought was ridiculous. I think it was something to do with Ten Perth not having been upgraded to High Definition at the time.

  4. From Network TEN Perth’s Facebook page…

    “The sharp-eyed among you will have noticed a change to our cover photo. Today we farewell many talented members of our news team. Signing off with Craig Smart are myself Anthony Robertson (Chief of Staff), Nick Way (senior reporter), Richard Allen, Simone Harris (producers), Claire Thomas, Michael Genovese (sport reporters), joining Chris Hunt (News Director) and Vanessa Beasley (Executive Producer) as news departures. We also pay tribute to Dave Newton, Carlo Casella, Kevin Burden and Fred Akamatis from our production team.
    It’s been my privilege to run this page, and I leave it in good hands. I hope you continue to enjoy the page and support the wonderful team at Ten News.”

    Nick Way has left too, great journo and a great man too….

  5. Greg: Great news dear, I’ve got a new job on a shiny ship!
    Wife: Which one?
    Greg: The Titanic.
    Wife: Didn’t that just hit an iceberg?
    Greg: Yes, but they’re going to make me Petty Officer.
    Wife: So, you’ll be in charge of Andrew Bolt then…

    Tune in next week for another episode of Network Tentanic when all the people leave the sinking ship and only the rats are left behind.

  6. I think from memory Greg was at TEN in the mid to late nineties.

    So many staff left TEN Perth yesterday. They mentioned everyone on their Facebook. The farewell for Craig Smart was very nice as well.

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