INXS miniseries for Seven

Seven has commissioned a four hour drama Never Tear Us Apart: The INXS Story from Shine Australia.

It will represent Shine’s first foray into scripted drama.

Deadline reports shooting is due to start in Melbourne in mid-2013 and the producers have started searching for actors in their late teens or early 20s to play Michael Hutchence, Jon, Tim and Andrew Farriss, Kirk Pengilly and Gary Beers, plus their manager Chris Murphy.

The move comes at a time when there are two biopics also in development.

Producers Trevor Ray Field and Suzy Markovski and screenwriter/executive producer Robert Lewis Galinsky are preparing Two Worlds Colliding, based on the book Just A Man – The Real Michael Hutchence by Huchence’s sister Tina and his mother, Patricia Glassop.

Meanwhile Screen Australia is also funding the development of Michael with producer Sue Murray and writer- director Richard Lowenstein, based on the latter’s work with Hutchence and the band and interviews with his siblings.

While getting the project completed first would seem to decide the front runner here, surely it all hinges around which project has the rights to the INXS catalogue…


  1. @Ronnie i’m not sure how this would really be targeting the younger demographic when many people under 30 wouldn’t be very familiar with INXS or Michael Hutchence

    @Beckala i tend to feel the same way, they never can truly get it 100% with bio stuff but lets hope they get close eg Val Kilmer as Jim Morrison in the Doors movie was pretty close, just in his uncanny resemblance alone

  2. I gotta be honest. I just really think there is noone around who can truly embody the character/persona of Michael Hutchence. He had such a presence. His charisma was incredible. As a massive fan, I find it really difficult to believe that any movie will suspend my disbelief…

  3. Is this the first drama for Shine Australia? I wonder if that has come from Rory Callaghan who has moved from running Southern Star, to Shine to get drama happening there?

  4. Only goes to demonstrate how inefficient Australia’s screen development process is. It takes far to long to get a movie into production – television knows how to get things happening faster. Just do it! The sex drugs and rock and roll story to be told here doesn’t fit all that well with the the roast chicken vibe Seven prefers – a clear signal both Nine and Seven and targetting the younger demos that Ten is so dismally failing.

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