Nine lags behind on Survivor

2012-12-18_2356Australian fans of Survivor beware of internet spoilers!

In the US the winner of Philippines has been declared after CBS aired the season finale.

But we’ll be waiting until at least mid-January due to Nine dragging its feet.

The show won’t be airing next week because Tuesday is Christmas Day.

It does return on New Year’s Day but that’s still a few episodes short of the finale. It’s disappointing Nine didn’t allow us to catch up to the US as they have done before.

Seven was also a week behind with The Amazing Race finale, but that’s still a better delivery than Nine.


  1. I am watching Survivor the “old- fashioned” way, so hopefully I can avoid spoilers. Though it is not easy. I am really enjoying this season, the best for a long time.

  2. I agree, the way channel 9 treats its loyal viewers is disgusting. With the extra channels I don’t see why we couldn’t have seen Survivor.
    Why is it shown so late at night when it could be put on earlier instead of repeats of old shows?
    When cricket is on they just take The View and Days of Our Lives off which gets further and further behind the U.S, once again these shows could be put on GEM!
    Go to Reality Ravings for great recaps of Survivor with no spoilers.

  3. @Mac – You are absolutely right. I haven’t watched it on 9 for years after the result was revealed while I was watching an unrelated show. C’mon 9 you have 3 channels to choose from. Show it in line with the U.S. You do it with The View and Ellen.

  4. (No spoiler): I’ve said it before! If Nine treated us Survivor fans with even a modicum of respect, I’d happily eschew ‘other means’ and watch their advertising so I can enjoy a decent broadcast of the show. But once again, they’ve dragged their heels in a baffling manner and spoilers are rampant making waiting so long an unfavourable option.

  5. Glad I do not watch it…I chat to friends in the US..Canada etc…they have already spilled the beans….not good…going to be difficult to avoid it for weeks…

  6. This is preposterous!

    Nine has dumped it at 10:30pm and is 4 weeks behind???

    Nothing stopping them from screening the last 4 episodes next week on GEM or GO at 7.30pm.

    There is nothing gory or violent on the show – so don’t understand why it is aired so late.

  7. My new housemate downloads everything, so he has nothing left to watch now, because they are all on a break. I don’t download, so I have been enjoying still having Survivor to watch, I don’t really want it to hurry up and end. Its good that we have something left to watch over summer. Have managed to remain spoiler free so far this season.

  8. Hence why I didn’t watch it on Nine. That’s just terrible. Great season and well deserved winner.

    New season starts Feb 13. Wouldn’t hold my breath that it’ll be fast tracked by Nine.

  9. Yeah, too late I already accidentally found out the winner. Wasn’t even reading a Survivor related article, was reading an article on Homeland and there underneath it was the winner of Survivor saying winning it was surreal. I was being so careful too to avert my eyes if I saw any Survivor related Tweets. I know people say stay away from Twitter, but I am not going to avoid Twitter for another month. Really pissed off at 9 that they didn’t start showing double episodes to catch up, especially since we have been in non ratings for the last couple of weeks. Last night they wasted about 2 hours of TV with repeats of Two & A Half Men and 2 Broke Girls. While I love those shows, they were repeats. They could have aired another episode of Survivor instead.

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