Thanks to Today, Larry was back on Nine…

2012-12-30_0106_002If you were a little shocked to see Larry Emdur conducting an interview on the Today show on Friday, you weren’t alone.

The Nine-turned-Seven host was back on the “Still the Two” network interviewing Wild Oats XI skipper Mark Richards after his triumphant win in the Sydney to Hobart yacht race.

But Lazza, who is himself a two-time Sydney-Hobart yachtsman, was actually co-hosting from Constitution Dock for Sunrise.


With Seven a partner in the winning boat, it was unsurprisingly investing in the moment big time, including multiple cameras to take the finish of the race live plus reporter Nick Etchells on the dock. James Tobin secured the first interview with Richards, even boarding the yacht as it made its way up the Derwent.

Perhaps it was due to the “Seven” yacht taking line honours, but Today’s coverage was a pale copy, running a commercial at the very moment Wild Oats XI crossed the line. Nine did have a reporter at Constitution Dock but when Mark Richards headed straight to Larry Emdur after claiming victory, Nine was forced to broadcast it live on Today.

Strictly speaking the moment was an “all-in” press conference, but it must have smarted that Emdur was getting the lion’s share with Richards. In some shots, you’d almost swear he was being framed out by Nine’s cameras.

And as if that wasn’t the only stuff-up, Nine also broadcast the event delayed into Queensland and South Australia, complete with a “Live” watermark.




  1. But what I don’t like about Sunrise or Today is that for QLD, SA and WA, it’s never live. But, they still have breaking news and ‘live’ interviews. That is what really attracts me to ABC News 24 when I’m not in Sydney or Melbourne. They have continuous live coverage of everything. Even for the recent ongoing coverage of the bush fires, that affected those states, it was delayed an hour or more.
    Maybe what could get both commercial channels more ratings as per state is a live local news update every hour, kind of like what they do in 7 News at 4.30. That way they could have the whole of Sunrise delayed, But the national and local news. Maybe Ann Sanders could do live national updates every half hour until 12.00 AEDT to accommodate for all time zones? Regardless, they must change the Live watermark…

  2. In response to TasTVcameraman, Sunrise needs to cater for all its viewers and know that some want to see something else other than the Sydney To Hobart Yaucht race-Where was all the usual stuff, the stuff many people tune in for

  3. Excellent coverage by Seven, it people found it boring well, perhaps they are not interested in another great finish. I recorded the finish because I was there in person, but seriously the Sunrise stuff was superb TV, Congrats to all concerned.

  4. That coverage on Sunrise Friday morning was seriously some of the best ever. Commercial free for more than an hour. Comprehensive. Raw emotion. Rolling. 100% Live. It was just fantastic.

  5. Far too much coverage of the race on Sunrise Friday morning-over 45 minutes continuously without even ads-so bored with it I ended up switching to Today, and watching it for the first time in…..ever

  6. I don’t understand that rule here about personalities not being able to appearing other networks. In the UK you always see people from Channel 4 appearing on chat shows on the BBC or Five personalities on ITV etc

  7. Thanks for the wrap up David, I didn’t see the ending or the coverage but it’s nice to know they’re still up to their old tricks. And how sad it was that Nine wasn’t even live for them actual crossing the line, no wonder they are number 2.

    Can I ask, where was TEN or the other networks?

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