TV1 rebrands as “Always Great”

TV1 has rebranded its channel to focus on “Great Drama. Great Comedy” with the new tagline of “Always Great.”

Consultants Ink Project have devised the new branding for the channel with its mix of crime and comedy.

Peter Hudson, CEO, said “TV1 has provided a compelling entertainment experience for more than 15 years and continues to do so. We are the home of Great Drama and Great Comedy. We are the home of the three biggest TV crime dramas in the world and award-winning comedy including Seinfeld, The Office and 30 Rock. TV1 is a great channel and we wanted a tagline that proudly supports that”.

The 2013 programming slate will include new seasons of Great Drama including NCIS, NCIS: LA, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, CSI: Miami, CSI: New York, Law & Order: SVU, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Law & Order: UK, House and The Big C; and the STV premiere of The Good Wife. Along with new seasons of Great Comedy including Community, 30 Rock and The Office. Viewers will continue to see their TV favourites including Seinfeld, Frasier and Everybody Loves Raymond.

The new brand positioning and tagline was introduced on air on 1 December and will evolve throughout the course of 2013.

“This is an exciting time for TV1. We are energising our brand to deliver an Always Great entertainment experience for our audience,” said CEO Peter Hudson.


  1. @ Quebec and Jonasboi – each STV channel is just like the FTA commercial channels and wanting to increase audience share by getting hit programming. Unfortunately this means that most channels don’t have one specific genre – as is the case with TV1 and FOX8 who are general entertainment channels yet seem to have more of one specific genre then anything else (FOX8 with family content and TV1 with crime series). But this isn’t just an Australian issue with channels around the world doing exactly the same thing so it’s just a matter of paying attention to TV guides and being thankful that all great international and domestic shows are being broadcast by one channel or another.

  2. Foxtel needs to organise there channels. sf. soho. fox8. arena. fx. tv1. 111 hits. 13th street. universal. comedy.

    the shows seem to be all over the place with no one real destination.

    law and order seems to appear on several different channels. sitcoms are everywhere. Australia content is split between universal and 13th street.

    13th street is a crime drama channel even though it sounds more like a horror channel.

    Charmed appears on sf but the walking dead and true blood are on soho while the vampire diaries is on fox8.

    bones which is a crime program appears on fox8 and not on 13th street.

    american dad and south park are on comedy as apart of adult swim, yet family guy, the cleveland show, the simpsons and futurama are on fox8.

    arena is a mix of fashion, housewives, reality and trash. along with talk shows and soapies.

    the worst thing about foxtel is the shows are spread over so many channels it is hard to keep up and know what is actually on and since they got rid of isuggest, it is even harder to know when something good is starting.

    unless you actually spend an hour or two going threw the on screen tv or actually watch the ads chances are you will miss something you want to see.

  3. Hi David – sorry this is a random question and I didn’t know where to put it but have you heard if we are going to be getting “The Firm” showing here. I’m sure we will, just wondering if Foxtel or a commercial channel has picked it up … apparently it’s really good but was cancelled.

  4. Good to see that The Good Wife finally has an STV broadcaster, as well as Covert Affairs which TV1 is running promos for. TV1 would be deadly competition to FOX8 if it could get a HD feed and increase its primetime content with Australian premieres (e.g. Necessary Roughness (USA), Made in Jersey (CBS), and Royal Pains Season 4 (USA)) and more STV premieres (e.g. Suits (USA), Hawaii Five-0 (CBS), Person of Interest (CBS), Blue Bloods (CBS) and Unforgettable (CBS)). Note these are just shows produced by TV1’s parent companies – the list could easily be doubled when including other networks programming with Australian premieres possibly including Perception (TNT), Major Crimes (TNT), Are We There Yet? (TBS), Meet The Browns (TBS), House of Payne (TBS), Men At Work (TBS); and STV premieres possibly including Castle (ABC) and Body of Proof (ABC).

  5. This is long overdue!! They abandoned the whole greatest hits concept long ago and yet their identity still remained. Good to see them finally playing catch up.
    I still believe that all the entertainment channels on Foxtel need to sit in a room together and decide once and for all what each of them are meant to be and actually stick to it. Each of them are all over the place in terms of programming, despite having identities that would suggest otherwise. Oh, and a second Fox channel should also be introduced for all their teen/youth programming while the main channel becomes a hotspot for premier comedy and drama, which has really faded as their flagship channel.

  6. They seriously need to reposition their on-air logo bug (along with a few other channels on the Foxtel platform). Gone are the days when the logo bug sits in the 4:3 ratio frame. The Arena Channel for example recently repositioned their logo, it looks perfect!

  7. Always crappy SD.

    This is one channel which should be in HD… so much content is HD, yet we have to watch it in inferior standard definition. It’s a joke.

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