AACTAs host: Out: Hugh Sheridan. In: Russell Crowe

2013-01-22_2256Hugh Sheridan has withdrawn from hosting the AACTA Awards a week before the event, but Russell Crowe has been named as his replacement.

Sheridan is understood to have had a scheduling conflict due to the LA Pilot season.

Crowe, who was already hosting the AACTA International Awards in LA will now host both events.

AFI | AACTA CEO, Damian Trewhella, said, “Russell Crowe is a formidable talent whose work has been recognised through peer assessed awards the world over, including through the Oscars, BAFTAs and AFI Awards.

“That Russell is hosting two events for the Australian Academy in L.A. and Sydney within the space of a week attests to both his support of the Australian screen industry, and his leadership with AACTA as we promote a voice for the Australian industry in the U.S. We are incredibly pleased to have Russell on board for what is going to be an amazing show.’’

Russell Crowe said: ‘’The Australian Academy is making its mark in the States, and I’m equally as honoured to represent the Australian industry in L.A. as host of AACTA’s International Awards, as I am to return home to celebrate the success of my peers at the 2nd AACTA Awards Ceremony in Sydney.

‘’The show format for the Ceremony will be entertaining and fast paced, whilst rightfully honouring the fantastic film and television our nation is producing.’’

TEN Chief Programming Officer, Beverly McGarvey: “We are delighted Russell will be returning to Sydney especially to host the AACTA Awards. We have no doubt he will captivate both his audience in the room and those watching on television.”

The AACTAs will be broadcast on TEN 9:30pm, Wednesday 30 January.


  1. Thats just bad management from someone in Hugh’s camp,. His credibility would not have been hurt by him doing this, in fact, he needs it. The pilot season is a madhouse of false expectations and as someone has pointed out he would have known about that or should have done. Who is looking after Sheridan’s career these days? First “I Will Survive”,now this??

  2. Dammit [email protected], you’ve left me no room to make a comment about Russell phoning it in.

    @Earthquake – you’re confusing Crowe with Wolverine. Russell is what is known in the biz as a single threat.

  3. [email protected]

    11.30am Wed and 10’s still showing promos stating the event is hosted by Hugh.

    “Russell a triple-threat”? – Can he dance? His “singing” in Les Miz was pretty tragic. Still, a nice guy who can easilly beat the shit out of a telephone…

  4. What you said David sounds right. You’d think the pilot season would be more organised but it just looks like a free-for-all.

    Nevertheless, it’s good to hear that Sheridan is making waves in The States and Crowe is a triple threat also, so it should be a good show.

  5. Surely Hugh Sheridan would have known of his commitments in LA prior to accepting the hosting role. I won’t enjoy the show as much with Russell Crowe hosting.

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