FOX Sports: Australian Open

2013-01-09_1636FOX Sports begins its Australian Open coverage on Monday, which is Live for just over a week.

It then moves into delayed coverage, however it is in High Definition.

The 2013 Australian Open swings into action on Monday 14 January and FOX Sports will showcase the year’s first Grand Slam from Day 1 through to the Men’s Singles Final.

FOX Sports will provide more than 220 hours of Australian Open action serving up 80 hours of Live and High Definition coverage from Day 1 to Day 8.

Adam Peacock and Nick McArdle will be in Melbourne to host FOX Sports’ Live coverage while leading analyst Wally Masurand former WTA star Alicia Molik will lead a world class commentary team.

Complementing FOX Sports’ daily Live coverage will be a 30-minute review show ‘Today at the Open’. Each night at 6.30pm host Adam Peacock will be joined by a special guest to recap all the day’s action and headlines plus preview the upcoming matches.

After an impressive start to the season, recording a win over World No. 1 Novak Djokovic, Bernard Tomic will look to make his Australian Open breakthrough while World No 9 Samantha Stosur presents Australia’s best chance in the women’s draw.

Djokovic returns to Melbourne to defend his title while an in-form Andy Murray and 17-time Grand Slam winner Roger Federer will ensure a tantalising fortnight of tennis action.

Leading the charge in the women’s draw is Serena Williams chasing her sixth Australian Open crown alongside defending champion Victoria Azarenka and World No 2 Maria Sharapova.

In addition FOX Sports News will deliver all the biggest stories with hourly Live crosses from Melbourne Park starting at 11am AEDT each day. FOX Sports reporters Sarah Jones, Chris Stubbs, Julian De Stoop and Neroli Meadows will be on ground to provide all the breaking news as well as interviews with special guests throughout the tournament.

FOX Sports coverage of the 2013 Australian Open is available to Foxtel sports subscribers.

FOX Sports Broadcast Schedule
2013 Australian Open

Mon 14 Jan Day 1 11.00am Live FOX Sports 3HD & FOX Sports 3
Tue 15 Jan Day 2 11.00am Live FOX Sports 3HD & FOX Sports 3
Wed 16 Jan Day 3 11.00am Live FOX Sports 3HD & FOX Sports 3
Thu 17 Jan Day 4 11.00am Live FOX Sports 3HD & FOX Sports 3
Fri 18 Jan Day 5 11.00am Live FOX Sports 3HD & FOX Sports 3
Sat 19 Jan Day 6 11.00am Live FOX Sports 3HD & FOX Sports 3
Sun 20 Jan Day 7 11.00am Live FOX Sports 3HD & FOX Sports 3
Mon 21 Jan Day 8 11.00am Live FOX Sports 3HD & FOX Sports 3
Wed 23 Jan Day 9 12.00am Delay FOX Sports 3HD & FOX Sports 3
Thu 24 Jan Day 10 12.30am Delay FOX Sports 3HD & FOX Sports 3
Fri 25 Jan Day 11 12.00am Delay FOX Sports 3HD & FOX Sports 3
Sat 26 Jan Day 12 12.00am Delay FOX Sports 3HD & FOX Sports 3
Sun 27 Jan Day 13 12.30am –
Women’s Singles Final Delay FOX Sports 3HD & FOX Sports 3
Mon 28 Jan Day 14 12.30am –
Men’s Singles Final Delay FOX Sports 2HD & FOX Sports 2


  1. For the first two days there were lots of Australian players playing on the 2nd and 3rd arenas. Which both 7 and Foxsport have rights to so they showed the same matches all day.

    Foxsports kept trying to show 3 games at once. It was much better when they just covered several matches and you pick the one your liked and watch every point. That is what cable sport is good at.

    On Tueday night since the Tomic game wasn’t very exciting I switched over to Foxsports. They had the Dolgopolov Monfits match which was much more interesting. The problem was they had Leconte commentating and I can’t stand him. So I finished a book.

  2. Hi all. Would like to raise the point that Fox Sports does not have the red button court selection this year. Was pretty annoyed to find that when I went to go watch a game today that wasn’t on the FS3 or 7. There are a number of people complaining on the FS FB page about it, myself included. They basically cut it away and hoped no one would notice, providing us with less content than previous years for the same monthly cost. Pretty disappointing. The only response they have given on FB is that they will take our thoughts into consideration for future years. Any chance TV Tonight can take this up with them?

  3. A terrible sport???, overpaid , sensitive(don’t make noise between points,…….for God sake the audience pay you) players, they play only for themselves not their country or the fans and people pay huge money to sit there and put up with their antics and their preciousness, put it on C31 where it really does belong

  4. Channel 7 want to show the tennis on 7 because they way they get the biggest audience and most money. In the mainland capitals around ~90% of people have access to digital, around ~80% have HD. The biggest factor, however, is that live viewers just watch the main channel a lot more than secondary channels (even when they have access to them all). Look at what the tennis rated on 72, or when the Hopman Cup switched from 10 to One.

    Fox’s live coverage won’t be of the main matches though. Channel 7 has exclusive rights to the good matches on the top two courts. Foxtel coverage is only for tennis fans who follow lower ranked players.

    If Tomic gets a match on an outside court I will watch it on Foxtel. But otherwise I don’t usually pay much attention till you get up to the Men’s semifinals.

  5. @tihsamikah
    First of all HD in Australia is not tranmitted in 1080p! its 1080i or 720p as for me whinging until David says otherwise I will continue questioning Seven for not using 7 Mate for HD for these major event alond side the main channel because a handful of people still prefer to watch on their AWA b/w crt tv!!

  6. Disappointed no Viewer’s Choice but it’s not the end of the world. We are getting the Aussie Open at least in HD and very happy with this. Better than nothing. Hope we get HD on FTA next year when analog TV is a thing of the past by then.

  7. @laurie

    why does this happen every time

    Stop blaming the FTA networks!!!

    the Government have the Aus Open on the anti siphoning list, so it HAS to be shown on the main channel… which is still SD until analogue is switched off, and why bother multicasting it wasting another channel…10 / One proves this for the F1.

    yes 7 do cover the event in HD

    quit whinging

    the 1080p HD in Australia isn’t even close to the 1080p available in the US and Europe….

    and 4K will overtake this in years to come

    • Strictly speaking it could also be simulcast on 7mate in HD but I am sure that would also elict various complaints. Seven could also apply for an exemption to show the bulk of the matches only on 7mate as the new system will only require finals on the primary channel. But it isn’t in their interests to do so.

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