Returning: Home and Away

2013-01-08_1452Home and Away is set to return to Seven from Monday January 21st picking up from its 2012 cliffhanger, and no doubt more stories heavily revolving around the River boys (it once used to be a show about foster families running a caravan park…).

This season sees new cast members joining including “the legend that is” Johnny Ruffo.

With April’s support Dex decides to return to Uni. Bianca is worried that Adam’s killed Heath. Then, Brax, Kyle and Jamie search for a missing Heath.

This is two weeks after Neighbours, which returned on Monday but appears to have been overlooked by many of its audience with just 139,000 viewers tuning in instead of its usual audience of around 300,000

Has there ever been a lower debut episode?

Waiting until later in the month may prove to have been a smarter manoeuvre by Seven.


  1. I am a dedicated home and away fan, record and watch later every night, however I missed the grand finale cliffhanger due to not knowing it was 3 eps all on one night, thank goodness for the internet! I think the riverboys were better when they were bad, time to shine the light on some new issues and faces. Maybe axle will be able to start a band now Ruffo will be joining the team.

  2. The incredible way this series has been looked after over the years suggests it will be around for at least another 25 years, maybe not with Ray Meagher beyond the next 20-but who knows.??!!

    I did watch the last cliffhanger of the year and thought it was the weakest and least enticing I had ever seen from the series, especially as they basically resolve it in the preview scenes.
    I am guessing leaking Esther Anderson’s return will keep people glued till about May when she will be seen on screen.(either as a ghostly apparition, a memory or alive and well through some sort of Dallas like rejuvination with all the last 12 months a dream.

  3. Ten need to cross plug Neighbours more on all their channels instead of ….Masterchef the Professionals and American Idol ad infitnitum. Personally I thought that the return was a bit of an anticlimax, it seems to be heating up a little bit now but Monday’s episode was one of the worst I have ever seen and I have been watching Neighbours now for about 15 years.

    I may have to start watching H&A as I stopped watching after one very annoying character came in to the show, plus Charlie is coming back , that is a good a reason as any to watch.

  4. Has Ten clarified that its numbers for Neighbours are purely for the 6.30 screening or is it averaged across the new morning screening (2007 episodes) as well?

    If 139,000 is purely for 6.30 then that is an embarrassment even for a multi-channel but it doesn’t help that the show’s return has had hardly any promotion. Ten are too busy promoting MasterChef and Idol every ad break instead of showing some love for its old friend Neighbours over on Eleven. Even a few google or website ads would do the show some favours!

  5. This is the youtube link to the 2010 cliffhanger we make plans.

    I wasn’t sure if we were allowed to post links so I included it in a seperate post.

  6. In 2010 home and away had a cliffhanger to the song we made plans. It gave a good preview of many different characters for the following year. The last two cliffhangers have been about the river boys and I haven’t looked forward to the following season. I now watch home and away out of habit more that anything. If I wasn’t able to record it or use plus 7 I would have given it up about a year ago when everything became river boy centric. The other characters barely shine through these days.

  7. Thanks for the heads up David.
    It will be interesting to see how Esther Anderson’s character Charlie returns.

    Any word on when the Early Years is returning to 7Two?

  8. Speaking of Home and Away, Denis Coard (aka Michael Ross, the late second husband of Pippa) was at the pub across the road from my place last night. My housemate snapped a shot of him.

  9. I read an article online a few weeks back, I think on a UK site, and from the sounds of that the River Boys will be taking more of a back seat this year. The article referred to more stories centred around Summer Bay High and those characters

    We can only hope Johnny Ruffos acting is better in this than in that awful Fango ad he is in.

    You know..this will be H&A’s 25th year on air, love it or loathe it, it must be doings something right

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