TV Tonight turns 6!

2013-01-03_1959TV Tonight turns 6 today, Saturday January 5th.

That’s 6 years of blogging about the highs and lows of Australian and international telly.

In that time there has been plenty of Exclusives broken, thousands of questions answered and sometimes even managing to hold networks to account.

When I started the site, Social Media was ignored by networks, now it is actively pursued. Some even suggested the site would be gone before it gathered any kind of following. By contrast, print media has sadly seen many of its wise voices exit whileΒ TV Tonight has picked up blog awards, review quotes on ads, and press and radio coverage. In November I was also listed in The Age’s Melbourne Top 100 people for 2012.

The site continues to bring you access to stars, execs, writers, producers and more. Here’s a list of last year’s feature interviews:

Aaron Pederson, Abe Forsythe, Adam Hills, Adam Richard, Adam Zwar, Adrian Swift, Alex Williams, Amanda Brotchie, Andrew Backwell, Andrew Denton, Andrew Gunsberg, Andy Allen, Angus Ross, Anupam Sharma, Arul Baskran, Asher Keddie, Beverley McGarvie, Brendan Dahill, Brian Walsh, Carrie Bickmore, Catherine Deveny, Catherine McClements, Charlie Pickering, Chas Licciardello, Chrissie Swan, Colin Jackson, Craig Graham, Damian Walshe-Howling, Damon Gameau, Darren Wick, David Koch, David Mott, Dieter Brummer, Ed Kavalee, Eddie McGuire, Essie Davis, Fiona Eagger, Firass Dirani, Frank Woodley, Garry McDonald, Geoff Browne, George Calombaris, G-Luv, Graeme Garden, Graham Phillips, Grant Hansen, Hamish Blake, Hamish MacDonald, Harrison Gilbertson, Hugh Johnstone-Burt, Hugh Sheridan, Ian Collie, Ian Dickson, Imogen Banks, Jane Liscombe, Jane Roscoe, Janet Holmes-a-Court, Jason Priestly, Jeanette McCurdy, Jeremy Sims, Joanna Werner, John Clarke, John Edwards, John Godfrey, John Waters, Jonathan Holmes, Jordan Rodrigues, Justice Crew, Justine Clarke, Karina Carvalho, Karl Stefanovic, Kat Stewart, Ken Sutcliffe, Kim Kardashian, Lachy Hulme, larry Emdur, Lee Lin Chin, Luke and Wyatt, Margie Bashfield, Matt Moran, Matt Preston, Megan Hilty, Melissa Doyle, Michael Healy, Michael Rowland, Myf Warhurst, Nicole Minchin, Paul Fenech, Penny Chapman, Peter Hitchener, Peter Hudson, Richard Roxburgh, Rick Maier, Rob Carlton, Rob Mills, Rove McManus, Sarah Murdoch, Scott Brennan, Sean Cohen Shaun Micallef, Simone Jade McKinnon, Sonia Kruger, Stephan Elliott, Stephen Garrett, Steve Bracks, Tanya Denning, The Commando, Tim Campbell, Tina Arena, Tony Iffland, Wayne Dyer, Wendy Harmer, Wil Anderson, Yalda Hakim.

Next week I will publish the results of the TV Tonight Awards 2012.

Thank you for your continued support (including during Hiatus!).

Cheers, David.

Please also note scheduled maintenance will see a downtime of 30-60 mins next Tuesday between 5-11pm AEDT.


  1. Happy birthday TV Tonight!

    Just keeps getting better with age. Thanks for consistently keeping us all informed with equal attention across the spectrum of TV and its audiences, David.


    Congratulations on 6 years of outstanding TV coverage from someone who loves the medium. I really admire your impartiality, but I love it when you pick a topic and really go for it…like The Devil Wears Prada. That is a huge amount of fun!

  3. I’d like to add my congratulations too. TVT is my ‘go to’ site for all the latest news, TV forecasts and programming. You do a great service for TV viewers David. Well done, congratulations and long may TVT continue.

  4. Congratulations David on an excellent site. Have been visiting from close to the beginning having followed you from your tv updates on joy fm. Happy 6th Birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday TV Tonight and David!!!

    I visit you every day and you are my go to site if I want to know anything TV related. I have in inside knowledge of TV and I still find out some things here first haha. Well done and I look forward to your continued success with the site

  6. A very happy birthday to the site David…congrats…alot of hard work and alot of other mainstream media pick up on stories that you break… well done and heres to another 6 years!

  7. Happy birthday, TVT! I’ve been here for just under 4 years (it’ll be 4 years next month since that fateful Google search). It’s been a blast (for me anyway, since I don’t have to do anything) and I hope it continues into the distant future! πŸ˜€

  8. Congratulations David. Thank you for all your hard work. Your site is a necessity. Especially for finding out any last minute changes as well as for the information on television. Lastly thank you to everyone else especially for finding or pointing out interesting things. Love it.

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