Don’t Dream it’s Over

Don’t Dream it’s Over is such a classic song that last night it featured in not one but two US shows, airing at the same time on Australian TV.

The gang from Glee sang it as a stirring song of unity, airing just before 8:30 on TEN.

Meanwhile it also featured in the season premiere of Smash, by Megan Hilty as a motivational number for the ensemble, airing just after 8:15 on SoHo.


  1. C’mon…get over the ‘across the ditch’ rivalry….I watched Glee and loved it…the other version on Smash…which I watched here…ok…….

  2. bettestreep2008

    Why the surprise? It’s a classic pop song and I never tire of it.

    Sad that so few Australians got a chance to see the Glee version last night. How 2m+ are glued to that MKR rubbish when the always delightful Glee was on.

  3. Crowded House neither wrote nor were performing the song. And without Neil Finn’s NZ accent it sounds weird, especially with some of Ivy’s NY vowels.

    It would be easier to prove Crowe is Australian (he took out Australian Citizenship even though he lives mostly in Hollywood).

  4. Saw both shows and I couldn’t believe that the same song was sung in both of them.

    What’s remarkable about the coincidence was that the Glee episode was aired in the US several weeks ago while the season 2 premiere of Smash only came on SoHo just mere hours after its broadcast in the US.

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