Footy Classified special

2013-02-06_2352Footy Classified makes an early return this year with a special episode on the saga surrounding the Essendon Bombers.

After breaking the story on Tuesday, award-winning journalist Damian Barrett joins Footy Classified to present the very latest on the Essendon drug probe in a special edition of Footy Classified on Thursday night at 9.30pm on Channel Nine.

Along with Damian Barrett, regular hosts Garry Lyon, Caroline Wilson and Essendon legend Matthew Lloyd will discuss what may become one of the biggest scandals in AFL history. The Live special will also feature Barrett’s explosive interview with former Bomber Kyle Reimers in full.

Thursday night, live at 9.30pm on Channel Nine (please check local guides).


  1. Just watched this show and found it interesting but feel some of the AFL media (not all) are a bit too cosy with the AFL. Don’t like the way Gary Lyon just gets up and pulls his ear plug out just after the show ends. It smacks of arrogance.Love Caro but feel Grant Thomas will be missed as he added something special.

  2. For anyone who wants to watch this in NSW/QLD/ACT/NT, The GEM channel will be screening tonights episode nationwide at 12 Midnight local time in areas where Channel Nine, WIN or NBN Television are available.

    Viewers who are in areas where Imparja is available, the GEM channel will screen this special episode of Footy Classified at 10.30pm local time in the NT, 11.00pm local time in QLD, 11.30pm local time for Imparja GEM viewers in SA and 12 midnight for all other viewers watching GEM via V.A.S.T.service in NSW, ACT, VIC,TAS. I recommend recording this episode as it will be an interesting show?

  3. The best segments on footy classified are good call bad call and caros arrow. It is a good idea for them to do a special. I will definately be watching. Just over a week to go till nab cup starts. Hopefully footy classified will get a consistant 10.30pm monday start time this year and wishing they put full episodes on ninemsn catch up tv not just some minor segments.

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