MKR gatecrashers revealed

Angela Melina Shot_30_WH-2277Three “gatecrasher” couples will enter My Kitchen Rules tomorrow night in a new twist.

They are:

Victoria: “Real Housewives” Angela and Melina (pictured)
New South Wales: “BFFs” Ashlee and Sophia
Western Australia: “Food Nerds” Kieran and Nastassia

Tomorrow night one team from Group Two is expected to be eliminated.

Taunting promos indicate the gatecrashers intend to eliminate current contestants but so far the network is keeping details of their gameplay under wraps.

The show has thrived on its villains this seasons, and it seems it’s not done just yet.

It airs 7:30 Monday – Thursday on Seven.


  1. Ho hum…one does not have to watch MKR…it is all in the promo’s….
    “We are at the bottom and we are not crying”
    Yes dear…but you are also not getting a cuddle and sympathy from Manu…*G*

  2. People get over it…
    It is still all about food no matter what, without drama the show will become just like MC and you all need to keep in mine that it’s a competition.
    Without harsh or bitchy contestant there is no competition at all and it is also allow the contestant to push harder and think harder.

  3. I agree with everyone MKR is such a joke it has become so silly- all about the bitching and who is the meanest etc seriously such a load of rubbish and stupidity so over it I don’t watch it anymore. I really hope the ratings drop which it doesn’t deserve hoping viewers tune out. You see all these silly promos for MKR shows nothing about food only bitchiness so sick of it. I do watch MC when I can it does though focus more on food and competition, ABC & SBS have real cooking shows.

  4. MKR and MCP are Not about cooking. They are all about relationships, interactions and TV ratings.
    If you want to watch cooking shows, there are plenty out there on ABC and SBS.

    I wish that people would finally understand this and stop complaining about the food aspect of the shows. The fact is that MKR is killing MCP because MCP has been the most boring MC ever.

  5. This is the reason why I do not watch MKR. All It is about tabloid trash TV and not about the cooking.
    Love watching Masterchef Proffesionals. It has some class and it is about the cooking.

  6. how can they be gatecrashers when they were intentionally added to the show by Channel 7? Or are they just ordinary people barging into the couples homes?

  7. So the SA couple have to deal with gate crashers in there instant restaurant. Thats a bit harsh. Unless they are bought in at the end.

    I just figured the gate crashers are there to be mean and unsettle everyone then just go. I hope they arent going to hang around.

  8. Looks like Seven is going to stretch MKR for a lot lot lot longer.

    MCP has eliminated 10 contestants in about the same time that MKR has eliminated just one team.

    And it’s looking like the bitching will continue with these gatecrashers.

    I wonder if Ten will rethink it’s casting of the next MCA and just get a few bitchy bad cooks?

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