Rake’s very own legal stoush

16rakeA Sydney lawyer is arguing he is entitled to profits from ABC’s Rake, including its US adaptation deal, after reportedly providing inspiration for the character of Cleaver Greene (Richard Roxburgh).

News Limited reports Charles Waterstreet. who also writes for Fairfax, is seeking two payments of $15,000, excluding an initial consulting payment.

But Roxburgh, who remains an Executive Producer on the series, rejects the idea.

“We’re always amused by what Charles coughs up,” Roxburgh said.

“We need to be very clear about this. Cleaver Greene is not based on anyone.

“He is a creation of Peter Duncan, Andrew Knight and myself. It is not based on one person and never was based on one person.

“Really (Waterstreet’s) act of creation was to give us one story for the first series … it was a good story but it was not a case he tried and in fact none of the cases are cases he tried.

“They’re all inventions. So we have a (lawyer) and we are dealing with it.”

Sounds like a case for Cleaver Greene…


  1. When Rake first came out, much was made about the fact that the title character was based on Charles Waterstreet. Now they are backtracking. No wonder he isn’t happy.

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