Returning: Shipping Wars

2013-02-08_1131Shipping Wars, A&E’s series about hauling the cargo that nobody else will touch, returns for its second season.

Only A&E could turn such a challenge into a TV contest by truckers from the South.

I particularly enjoyed this synopsis line “In this world you’re only good as your last load.”

The second season of Shipping Wars has been packed, dispatched and arrived at A&E. There is a Shipping War going on in America, though you may not realise it. That is, unless you’re one of a handful of independent transporters that have discovered the fortunes that can be made by shipping things traditional carriers won’t touch. This is the competitive world of these shippers, people who take on the oversized, the bulky and the strangely shaped packages that have to be transported from one place to another. These guys will kill for the pleasure of getting it done. See how this battle goes on every day across the highways of Middle America. Who will get there on time, who will profit the most and who will be road blocked. In this world you’re only good as your last load.

Tuesday February 12 at 7.30pm.

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