‘Spice Girls’ out of My Kitchen Rules

Jessie and BiswaOutspoken My Kitchen Rules contestants Jessie and Biswa have been eliminated from the contest, ranking lowest in the Group One instant restaurants.

The volatile pair from New South Wales, who have attracted a barrage of media attention and online criticism, scored 41 points behind Lisa and Stefano’s 52 points. It was the lowest Instant Restaurant score ever on MKR.

The self-declared ‘Spice Girls’ proved to be dynamite for the show, likening one dish to poo and refusing to eat some ingredients.

On social media they became the target of racist vitriol and even death threats.

The two told News Limited, “We’re not such horrible people who hate everyone all the time,” Jessie said. “It was nothing like that and we came across to the public as such negative people.

“We didn’t expect this reaction. We didn’t think people would take us so seriously. The reaction has been out of proportion.”

It’s not the first time Reality participants have been the target of social media hate campaigns.

In 2012 Adelaide “princess” Jennifer Evans was subjected to vitriol before going on to win the series.

In 2011 Tasmanian contestant Melanie Maddock received death threats. MasterChef‘s Joanne Zalm was also the target of violent threats. But Deni Hines in Celebrity Apprentice topped the lot of them.

“We were just open and honest and transparent and that’s who we are,” said Jessie. “We’re really proud of what we’ve done together. We would’ve liked to have cooked a bit more because food means a lot to me and is very close to my heart.”

Biswa added: “We’re a bit disappointed we couldn’t stay and show everybody and ourselves that we’re good cooks. But we have no regrets at all, it’s been fantastic.”


  1. @bettestreep2008
    Leave the race card out of it. It is a tired old horse that is sick of being beaten.
    They were “jerks” ( Unable to use word that best describes them) It wouldn’t have mattered if they were blue eyed aussie life savers. They wouldn’t have been liked with that attitude.

  2. I had such high hopes for Jessie and Biswa when we first met them. Even when they started being bitchy I was still thinking “yeah but I’m sure they can cook!” It was after they performed so dismally in their instant restaurant and I thought “ok, maybe that will teach them to be nicer… You know, redeem themselves…” And that was when they lost me. Scoring 1’s and continuing to be horrible – I was glad to see them gone. Although I will be honest enough to say we all (or at least I do) love a good villain…

  3. Butterfly Carnage

    I think that wishing bad fortune on others for your own gain and then publically airing your delight in that prospect is an exercise in stupidity and bad karma. That sort of poisonous energy comes back at you a hundred fold. That’s what’s happening here. They asked for it and now they have it. Their families must be ashamed, and if their not, then that’s probably why it occurred in the first place. I’d suggest leaving the country for the rest of the season.

  4. harrypotter1994

    @The Moops Yeah it could of been irrelevant but I think 7 likes to change this show for the twist factor. By getting rid of the sudden death cookoff it brings more pressure for the contestants to do well in the Home Cooking stage of the show

  5. cynical old codger

    Could it be that the spice girls, may have been served up a well presented cash sweetened sacrificial dish, that has been on their menu since day one?.
    After all, well over 2 million viewers does leave a very nice after taste in any networks bank balance, and will we get seconds at the end of the next round

  6. bettestreep2008

    I love how some people believe MKR is a cooking show.

    It has nothing to do with cooking and it’s all about getting viewers to hate or love the contestants.

    And of course there’s a racial element to the volume of hatred towards these two silly girls.

    There’s a brother and sister team that are just as obnoxious but I haven’t seen any attacks on them.

  7. How typical that they blame the editing for making them look bad. Yawn. No girls, you made yourself look bad by being astonishingly immature, childish and bitchy. I disliked them intensely but am kind of sad they have gone. Not to worry, though, as I am sure they will have counterparts in the second round. There is no way in hell these two girls were cast purely on cooking prowess, they were cast to be controversial, nasty pieces of work. Interesting that the format has reverted from last year, when the lowest scoring couples were forced into a second instant restaurant elimination round. Seven must have decided that the extra episodes devoted to that wasn’t worth it.

  8. I can’t believe that so many people have fallen for this. Those girls were probably chosen for the show on the condition that they display that sort of an attitude. And the final edit probably won’t let us see anything other than their nasty side. Same goes for the ‘princess’ and ‘dr evil’ last year, those characters are just designed to generate hype. I would even go as far to say that its scripted to some degree. How can contestants just forget ingredients or have a momentary meltdown on their big night in the kitchen? Its fake.

  9. Didn’t this happen last year too where they always like to make people look like villans of the show by doing their editing tricks just for ratings?
    I think the spice girls were funny and made good tv- & everyone is entitled to their opinion (negative or not it’s an opinion after all it is a game which I’m sure everyone is playing somehow too. There was no need for racism at all if people want to get angry- get angry at the show for being fake for using these kind of tactics of editing which is clearly shown. Leave the Spice-Girls alone!

  10. @Tvf.. My Kitchen Rules has never really been and never will be about the food. It’s all about the drama and the personalities cast. It’s a soap opera for the masses. If you want cooking programmes focussed on food.. try watching SBS ONE on Thursday nights or even MasterChef and that’s saying something..

  11. “This season was the first time a pair were eliminated before reaching MKR headquarters.”

    Sorry to sound pedantic but in season 1 the lowest couples from each group were eliminated before they reached MKR headquarters.

    And in season 3, those kooky WA scientists never got to MKR headquarters either, but at least they had a second chance when they did the 2 instant restaurant rounds.

  12. Last night both judges and all of the contestants loved the meringue dessert, yet the Spice Girls thought it smelt a bit eggy ! They found fault wherever they could and I’m glad they’re gone.

  13. Their plan to gain publicity was to be as negatove and nasty as possible about all the other contestants..It is a pity their plan wasn’t about cooking great food

  14. There’s a clear formula at work here, with contestants designated as people to love or hate. Inserting shots of Jessie and Biswa reacting to something, when in reality it probably doesn’t relate to what was actually happening, is typical editing to support the good guy/bad guy premise. It’s all good, clean fun!

  15. I decided at the start of the series I was just going to watch the contestants and not get uptight and start hating contestants.

    The thing is with these two I could put up with them. Sure they were annoying when they complained about everything and yes it was funny when they stuffed up big time with there meal but of course they should have known they were going to be portrayed as the evil ones.

    I did think it was rude that they complained about the scores Pete and Manu gave Josh and Elle and they gave them a 1 to try to save themselves just like Thomas and Carly did last year. I dont think they were as bad as the dr evil form last season.

  16. I was quite dissappointed that mkr on tues and wed focused on jessie and biswa rather than the couples that were cooking. I think if its your instant restaurant then you should be the focus. The way the episode was edited made them the focus and it took away what the episode should be about the food. I’m glad we have a round of new contestants and hopefully these episodes will be about the food.

  17. Unpopular contestants always blame the editing. After so many years of reality TV, with so many examples of TV execs’ ruthless editing for ratings, how could any participant not realise the risks associated with appearing on such a show? They obviously wanted the 15 minutes of fame so badly they were willing to overlook the pitfalls. And maybe – just maybe – people didn’t like them because they were, well, not very nice…

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