Tearful Chrissie Swan confesses to smoking while pregnant

2013-02-06_1007Can of Worms host Chrissie Swan has broken down on radio confessing that she struggled to give up smoking while pregnant.

Swan told listeners of her shame and difficulty in giving up the addiction, of up to 5 cigarettes a week, while pregnant with her third child.

Swan had not told her partner, family or friends.

The confession follows a photographer snapping a photo of her in the act.

A statement has been released:

“Over the last year I have take up a habit I thought I kicked for good years ago, smoking the occasional cigarette, in total secret and never more than 5 a week.

“I never told the chippy or my friends I’d taken it up again and I’m not sure I ever would have come out of hiding and acknowledged I was addicted but this week a pap photographer snapped me smoking a cigarette whilst alone in my car and I knew it was only a matter of time before it became public.

“This week has been difficult and confronting on so many levels, but in many ways I am grateful I was caught in the act, it has forced me to come clean to those I love and to seek real solutions for me to kick it for good.

“I’m horrified that even though I know that smoking whilst pregnant is bad for my child, I couldn’t stop, I’d try but I couldn’t, telling myself just one can’t be too bad, knowing that it was. When you’re in denial you can justify anything.

“It’s made me realise that addiction is very real and not just something that happens to other people.

“I don’t have to go through this alone and am thankful for my wonderful family and friends who are supporting me through this.” Chrissie Swan

MIX 101.1 Audio:

Statement: Watercooler Management:
“It is a very difficult time for Chrissie and her family.

“This (smoking) is something Chrissie has kept hidden from those closest to her for a long time.

“It has been and continues to be a very real and difficult personal struggle for Chrissie to overcome.

“Chrissie is horrified and heartbroken she couldn’t find the strength to quit whilst pregnant.

“Addiction is serious and smoking is an incredibly difficult habit to kick.

“These past few days have galvanised Chrissie’s commitment to take the steps needed to stop it once and for all with the full support of those she loves and love her.” David Wilson, Managing Director, Watercooler Talent + Media – statement.


  1. Wasn’t it convenient that all this came out the week before Can Of Worms returns to Channel 10!! I hate to be cynical but could all of this have been staged to get maximum publicity for the show? I write this just after seeing a promo for the show with the topic being “Can you keep a secret..”

    Sorry Chrissie & Channel 10 but I for one can’t ignore the coincidence.

  2. @ cynical old codger….no, i wasn’t referring to you being rude and poisonous. You’re stating your case and I’m stating mine. I can’t imagine Chrissie would be chasing media, especially when she’s sitting there smoking…or Manu for that matter. That is just pure assumption when we are all guessing which celebs organise to have the press follow them. But what I do read so often when people are making comment on others, especially in social media, is there rudeness. And obviously David Knox has held back some comments even on this very post alone because people are not getting their point across in a decent way.

  3. Wow $55,000 the photo was sold for. Im clearly in the wrong career. I like Chrissie but she isnt really an A list celeb.

    Imagine if u really got a good photo of a top celeb doing something wrong.

  4. cynical old codger


    I thought my first 3 words “Yes possibly unfair” accepted your premise, but lets be a bit fair dinkum though, I certainly do wonder sometimes just who is chasing who, and granted Chrissie is definitely at the very lower end of that scale, amid those who use the Pap’s Promo’s at their convenience.

    I certainly hope I have not been cast into your poisonous and rude basket, because I honestly thought I had politely and simply raised some often missed facts, and the possible impact upon those who may suffer ‘Innocent Consequences’

  5. @ cynical old codger. I am not condoning their behaviour, I am saying I wouldn’t want to be famous so every man and his dog could judge my mistakes And so many people can be quite poisonous and rude in how they express their opinion.

  6. Wonder how many ppl who are attacking her for smoking. Will drive their kids around in their diesel car. Which exhaust fumes has been proven to be just as dangerous when it comes to lung cancer and brain tumors etc as cigarette smoke?

  7. @scruffy, That’s a nice out “blame the government”, I guess that exonerates one from personal responsibility, which by the way it looks like Chrissie has now taken albeit belatedly – but good on her for not blaming anyone else including the government.

  8. Wow the anti smokers have jumped on their high horses over this. What they need to realise is that smoking is on the way out, but it takes time. After I was born to a mother who smoked throughout her pregnancy the hospital provided her with an ashtray. We have come a long way and will go even further. Blame the government who still allow cigarettes to be sold. People do have weaknesses, such as people who cant help but be self righteous.

  9. cynical old codger

    @David Knox

    David I can fully agree with you and yes we all have weaknesses and addictions, having watched my elderly father literally smoke himself to death, I also lost my elder brother to brain trauma as result of his smoking, and as with both of them, where smokes had such an insidious hold on my brother, as he was waiting for the ambulance on that fateful day his virtual last request was for a smoke.

    Some of my annoying addictions are, and is probably very evident in my posts, that there is always at least two sides to every story…going into to much detail….and that our lives are dictated by the good or bad choices we make along the way. for example well before all the anti smoking medical advice of today, and living with two smokers, I chose to never smoke.

    This may seem a bit harsh but after all what is known about the deadly results of smoking and passive/indirect smoking, and if you are a female who has an unbeatable smoking addiction, there is always still another equally responsible choice, of not having children till you can quit smoking( thus no innocent consequences).

    “What you see is what you get” does that include some strange ‘Project’ body/eye language?

    @Pahmer….Yes possibly unfair, but unfortunately both your examples have potential for innocent victim consequences, unaccompanied leaner driver will not have 3rd party insurance, eg. hit and kill a pedestrian breadwinning parent of ???children, and enough been said about Chrissie’s situation.

  10. Leppie, I appreciate your insight but my comments are more directed at those who do not smoke but make (have made) the choice to start. Given the points I raised, I cannot see any minute reason why smoking would be something that someone would choose to do.

  11. Good Luck Chrissie. We all have addictions. How many people could give up sugar. that means cakes, lollies soft drinks,chocolate etc. we are all addicted to something.

  12. It is not just when a woman is pregnant though, passive smoking around young children is also massively harmful and it seems even more widely practiced. I don’t understand why people think it is ok to just quit during pregnancy and then resume. On the project she said her children have never seen her smoke, I guess that means she is trying to keep them away from it but without specifics being provided I don’t understand how that is possible, most mothers I know can’t even escape from their children to go to the toilet in privacy. My mother smokes outside, but it still gets through the cracks and you can smell it inside, and when she comes inside the stink of it follows on her. My mother smoked while pregnant with me and quit while pregnant with my younger brother, she then stayed off them for 18 years and re-started in the last 5 years. I was born with a piece of bone missing in my neck that means regular physio for life and have been plagued with frequent joint injuries my whole life with weak shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, ankles and hips. My brother was born with a heart valve defect which means lifelong yearly doctor monitoring and a reduced life expectancy, I blame smoking for all of this including my childhood asthma. Many people would consider us to have turned out “perfectly fine” while not knowing about the ongoing medical costs associated with minor health defects. Are all these people who turned out “perfectly fine” in absolute perfect health and could qualify for NASA or the army? and do you even know them closely enough to really be in a position to know their entire medical history?

  13. bennythejet, I don’t smoke, and I’m against cigarette use, but I assume that it has something to do with addiction…

    I’m sure most (or, a lot) of the people who do smoke are aware of the health risk associated, and wish to quit … but it’s not as easy as that. For most people, it takes a long time and several attempts to quit smoking.

    It’s an addiction. Addictions don’t suddenly disappear with a change of mind.

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