‘Internet troll’ group tricks Today Tonight into fake interview

2013-03-12_1248Tristan Barker, a man branded an ‘internet troll,’ has seen his Facebeef’ group trick Today Tonight into interviewing one of his followers, who told the show she had been a victim of his cyber bullying.

Last night David Eccleston interviewed Barker in New Zealand about his online abuse, which has seen him attract national headlines.

During the story Eccleston spoke with “Jasmine Frost” who told him she had been subjected to Barker’s online bullying and targeted by his ‘Facebeef’ group.

But ‘Frost’ has since turned out to be Jasmine Vanmidde, part of the same group, and apparent girlfriend of Lewis Spears aka “Nebz Adlay,” Barker’s chief ‘offsider.’

She reportedly approached Today Tonight last week when she learned the show was preparing a story about Barker and asked to be interviewed.

Today Tonight executive producer John Choueifate told News Ltd, “She’s nothing more than an attention seeker.

“We took her at face value and went to every measure to ensure her story stacked up, as we do with every guest.”

During the story, Barker was seen slapping Eccleston which has since led to an arrest and alleged assault charges.

Meanwhile there is no sign of the story on Today Tonight‘s official website nor its own Facebook page.

The show is expected to run a correction this evening.

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