Karina Carvalho replacing David Curnow as presenter of ABC News Queensland

Karina CarvalhoABC TV has announced a new presenter for ABC News Queensland as Karina Carvalho replaces David Curnow.

Karina Carvalho, best known for ABC News Breakfast and ABC News Perth, makes the move from next month.

Curnow has been the weeknight presenter since 2009, after becoming weekend presenter in 2007. He first joined the ABC in 1998.

Curnow is remaining with ABC, but in radio not television.

In an exclusive statement to TV Tonight, Carvalho said, “I am excited about the challenge of bringing Australia’s best news service into the homes of all Queenslanders.

“Economically, politically and culturally, Queensland is the most interesting place to be right now and the ABC covers the whole state like no-one else. I’ll be joining a first class team.”

Karina is one of the ABC’s most talented news presenters and joins ABC Queensland after presenting the 7pm news bulletin in Perth and more recently ABC News Breakfast, which is broadcast nationally from Melbourne.

Karina joined the ABC in 2007 after working for the BBC. She worked as a reporter in the Perth newsroom before presenting the Perth 7pm News for three and a half years. She will play a hands-on role regularly presenting the bulletin on location in Brisbane and regional Queensland.

David Curnow, who has been presenting television and radio bulletins from Brisbane, will remain a key part of the ABC’s news presentation line-up in Queensland, leading the flagship afternoon radio bulletins and updating ABC radio audiences on developing stories.

David’s skills, experience and strong bi-media background will be put to great use in a new role mentoring and working with regional journalists to get more local content into the major bulletins, while also generating his own cross-platform stories.

The ABC’s strength stems from its network of journalists working across the state – reporters and crews working in their communities and understanding local issues. With a great team in Brisbane and strong coverage from the Gold Coast, Bundaberg, Sunshine Coast, Mt Isa, Mackay, Longreach, Gladstone, Cairns, Townsville, Toowoomba and Rockhampton, the ABC offers a breadth and depth of Queensland news coverage unrivalled by any other broadcaster.

In 2013 Queensland can look forward to even more reporting from the state’s growing metropolitan areas, reinforcing the ABC’s reputation as the top destination for Queenslanders to find out about the issues that matter to them.

The people of Queensland rely on the ABC’s regional focus and local knowledge, coupled with the ABC’s renowned nightly international coverage and award-winning news and analysis from Canberra.

These changes build on the ABC’s continuing investment in Queensland as the home of ABC News Online, with a team that keeps Australians informed on breaking and latest news around the clock.

The ABC’s priority is to ensure the best Queensland coverage is provided to audiences across the day, on all platforms.


  1. shirazx2 on March 13, 2013 wrote:

    “Good bye, like listening to nails on a blackboard! very pushy!”

    In June we were given a month long respite whilst Karina took leave. A pleasure to have Dave C present the news and weather.

    I was hoping to read that she wouldn’t be coming back. Thank god for mute buttons.

  2. Months on and Karina Carvalho hasn’t improved on performance. She just doesn’t have what it takes to be the anchor of a flagship program as important as ABC1’s prime time news broadcast. She irritates and ums and makes mistakes, is fairly wooden and distracting. David Curnow did a sterling job and he should be reinstated. If the best man for the job is a man, leave him there. Big mistake ABC.

  3. Very disappointed that David Curnow will no longer be presenting the Monday to Friday ABC News. He is a very fine newsreader. Wishing David all the very best for the future. Please send Karina to a voice makeover person, just ghastly don’t care if she has been broadcasting successfully for years,cannot understand how it’s not been fixed. Turning off the news as soon as she starts.Horror of horror might have to watch commercial tele !! yikes! —– and please sit her down!

  4. Michael C Pemberton

    Hi Dodge we had to put up with her in WA and were so glad she went over East. Since she left I have enjoyed the professionalism of the ABC news again. Hopefully she will stay in Queensland. Commercial networks would be looking for substance..

  5. I live in Perth I am going to miss her. I never saw her doing breakfast because I had to work but I wish she stayed in Perth and did radio and TV.

  6. Are people kidding with the commercial network comments? Maybe not every ABC News hottie wants to jump over to Nine or Seven & degrade themselves by reporting gossip, fear, & human interest rubbish. Shock, horror! Maybe she wants to remain a *journalist.*

  7. A real gain for Queensland this. Karina was a terrific newsreader here in the West.
    In her time on air in WA, the ABC’s news ratings soared- who knows, soon they may be knocking on 7&9’s door nationally?

  8. Apart from being stunning to look at and after abusing my hearing when younger I find her one of the few news readers that seem to present a decisively clear and linguistically easy to process tone.

  9. David Curnow is an impeccable presenter. I totally get that his talents are better used elsewhere, but I don’t think Karina was the right choice.

  10. So reading between the lines this could be seen as a demotion for David Curnow. And opening up a high profile role for the otherwise displaced (from ABC News Breakfast) Karina. Hope that’s not the case for David’s sake.

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