Melissa George joins Gothica pilot

Who Do You Think You Are?Melissa George has become the third Australian actor to join US drama pilot Gothica.

She follows Emma Booth and Chris Egan in the series for ABC.

Set in the present day, the project weaves together a mythology that incorporates the legends of Dracula, Jekyll and Hyde, Frankenstein and Dorian Gray.

George will play Fiona Hunter, described as “the series’ most formidable force, and everyone – from Grace, to Dorian (Chris Egan), to Victor Frankenstein (Tom Ellis) – will find their mettle and savvy tested by this deliciously cunning woman.”

George will continue to appear in Hunted, now pitched as two-hour movies for Cinemax.

Source: Deadline


  1. Secret Squirrel

    @Cam Reed – excellent opening line.

    I share your despair regarding the latest crop of movies and TV shows. America sees something that works and then churns it out until the next thing.

    A few years ago it was vampires. Now it’s classic fairy tales. All unimaginatively re-imagined so as to cram in as many shallow look-how-clever-we-are digital effects. Great if you’re twelve years old but the script-writing (and usually the acting) fall well short of being able to sustain my interest.

  2. I’m actually starting to look forward to this. It seems good.

    I think Melissa George is a bit of an (offensive word here), but I did really enjoy Triangle. That was one twisted movie, and she played the role really well, in my opinion.

    @Cam Reed, hahahahha.

  3. Hopefully they have good croissants where this is being filmed.

    Wonder if people will start to feel overload with this type of product soon though, with Grimm, Once Upon A Time, Beauty and the Beast and 2 Modern day Alice In Wonderland shows coming (NBC Wonderland and CW Wunderland), this one Gothica (and there are a couple more that slip my mind). Probably good that NBC canned Mockingbird Lane (though I liked the Pilot) or there’d be another one as well.

    Then you factor in the movies, the two Snow Whites, Hansel And Gretel, Jack the Giant Slayer, The Looking Glass Wars, Arabian Nights and a number of other Wizard Of Oz films (granted from the series of books), Cinderella and the House of Plagues, plus countless others.

    Surely there will be an overload and a not caring any more from the public.

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