Minders limit Jeremy Clarkson from media

jeremy-clarksonThere’s an interesting yarn in Fairfax papers today which report on Jeremy Clarkson being “muzzled” by organisers of the Top Gear Festival in Sydney.

It supposedly stems back to Clarkson’s wayward way with comments that repeatedly land him in hot water (there’s a string of them archived on this site).

In Sydney Clarkson was apparently only interviewed by Nine’s Sarah Harris.

“It isn’t the road rules, it’s the cigarette packets that baffle me,” he told Nine.

“I mean, why on earth do cigarette companies put dead babies and eyeballs on the packets of cigarettes now, that’s the thing I can’t understand here.

But when Fairfax attempted to talk to him there were lots of “sorry, sorry” statements as he was ushered away by minders.

You can see the clip here.

The newspaper also reports, “A media representative for the Top Gear Festival in Australia offered Fairfax Media a chance to interview Clarkson last year before reneging. That offer became an opportunity to chat with fellow Top Gear host James May which also evaporated.

“May is scheduled to talk to Fairfax Media on Friday. Top Gear’s media representative has requested us to provide a list of questions for the presenter, who is far less controversial than his partner.”



  1. I liked TG AU and fact is it was one of SBS highest rating local shows when it started but when Nine got their hands on it and changed just about everything on the show they killed it.

    Seriously a 2nd hand Ford XG Falcon from 1995 as the ‘Star in a Bog Standard Car’. What were they thinking! It’s not a ‘car’ and the one used was hardly standard! Why didn’t they just get a new ute if they wanted to use one?

    Sorry for the rant David.

  2. This is what the SMH was going to write:

    Fairly understandable why Top Gear won’t talk to them.

    Read more: smh.com.au/entertainment/tv-and-radio/car-shows-wheels-are-falling-off-20130307-2fodu.html#ixzz2Mu1E8MRt

    Just an op-ed by journalists who hate Top Gear and want to enforce censorship on everybody.

    The first couple of seasons of Top Gear were a big success for Nine. It was only when Nine tried to make long season by repeating episodes that SBS had shown, making a dreadful local version and they tried screening the 60 minute episodes (making 90 minutes with ads) that the ratings dropped. They then bumped it to a 9:35-11:05pm Tuesday slot and the ratings collapsed rapidly.

    ”Top Gear has zero relevance for us,” Porsche Cars Australia spokesman Paul Ellis said. Which of course is totally irrelevant to Top Gear UK.
    And it doesn’t seem to stop Porsche in Europe flying a car anywhere in the world whenever Top Gear want to do a story.

  3. Can picture Jezza now wearing a muzzle LOL

    Why was Shane Jacobson there? Considering Nine axed the local version and didn’t even bother airing the final shows of the series.

    Any news if Nine has any rights to air the current series on FTA?

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