My Kitchen Deals

MKR_DEAL-35_resize_FNext week five teams from My Kitchen Rules will appear on Deal or No Deal.

They are Mick and Matt, Jenna and Joanna, Dan and Steph, Sam and Chris, and Jake and Elle (which presumably means they won’t be eliminated this week).

Five of your favourite My Kitchen Rules teams join Deal or No Deal host Andrew O’Keefe in the Deal-O-Drome for the chance to win $200,000 for a lucky home viewer.

As things start to heat up on My Kitchen Rules, contestants take a break from Kitchen HQ to play one of Australia’s favorite game shows, Deal or No Deal.

Starting next Monday, Mick and Matt, Jenna and Joanna, Dan and Steph, Sam and Chris, and Jake and Elle will play Deal or No Deal’s game of Fantastic Four, where all corners of the game board become high-price greens.

With the bank offers rising, who will take the ‘deal’ and who will risk everything for a chance at the top prize?

And with one team’s case containing the $200,000 it’s set to be an exciting week.

5:30pm weekdays March 11-15 on Seven.


  1. Maev....Sydney

    I was given a current womans magazine on a bus trip on Monday…story in there says MKR is all fake and scripted etc….are we to suppose this will be also…not that I watch either…just curious.

  2. The MKR cast have been completely pimped out this season what with other TV show appearances, TV adverts and endless tabloid covers. Now officially over a show I used to like. Shame nobody is watching the vastly superior Masterchef.

  3. Must admit I’m over DOND now and don’t normally watch it, but I do tune in for these crossover episodes (My Kitchen Deals, Dancing With The Deals, etc.)

  4. Seven will just not give up on this fight.Getting hammered daily by hot seat?(one of 9’s few victories in the war between them)..let’s throw the mkr juggernaut into the fray.Probably won’t,in the long run,give them a winning position against Eddie,but it’ll win them the week.I shake my head at 7’s extraordinary success with what is actually pretty pedestrian stuff that they dish out to Australia on a daily and week to week basis…no one understands their audience better,and they are never guilty of overestimating its intelligence.

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