SBS2 offers 15 min news, The Feed.

2013-03-15_1244The new-look SBS2, which launches on April 1, has announced a name and presenters for its first commissioned program, The Feed.

The Feed will combine news of the day, topical commentary, pop culture and in-depth features aimed at 16-39 year olds, and screen for 15 minutes at 7.30pm weeknights.

It will also feature as 60-second newsbreaks on the channel throughout the evening, online and on social media.

The presenters are SBS reporters Patrick Abboud and Jeannette Francis (pictured).

Tony Iffland, SBS Director of Television and Online content, said: “The Feed will fill the gap between mainstream news and current affairs and the diverse information needs of the target audience, and will be delivered how they want it, when they want it.”

The Feed will launch on SBS 2 in May.

Patrick brings an eclectic wealth of news and current affairs and media experience to the role, having worked across radio, broadcast news, and television documentary. In 2003 he established and presented Alchemy, the first nightly English language pop culture and current affairs program for young people on SBS radio. Since then he has worked for Lonely Planet online, reporting from Corsica to Casablanca; he’s lived and worked in Berlin and Beirut as a broadcast news and current affairs reporter; and was cross media reporter locally on Triple J’s popular news and current affairs program HACK. Most recently Patrick has been producing irreverent stories from across Australia as a video journalist for SBS News & Current Affairs.

Joining Patrick and The Feed team is SBS journalist Jeannette Francis. As the only SBS journalist to have worked across all news and current affairs departments, including TV, radio and online news, Living Black, Insight and Dateline, Jeannette was an obvious choice for The Feed. Having lived in Bangladesh and Uganda, reporting on everything from cyclones to Psy clones, Jeannette is a fearless reporter who will bring to The Feed local stories that matter, as well as relevant and insightful foreign reports.

Additional presenters and contributors to The Feed will be announced in the coming weeks.


  1. I don’t know – after a week of SBS1 news which featured the election of the leader of the catholic church ad nauseum, I think a 15 minute news would be wonderful!
    We ended up recording it and fast-forwarding through the huge wads of “information” which might have been fascinating to a few, but certainly not to us.

  2. 15 minutes eh? Making it that short says a lot. I bet it will be really patronising too. Sorry to be negative but all these ‘news but not as you know it’ shows are making the same mistake, except Micallef.

  3. Secret Squirrel

    @Bogues – it’s prob as much about trying to capture people and perhaps hold them for the next program and also not overlapping with ABC News. Whenever they schedule it there will be 30- and 60-minute programs that people will miss the start or end of.

  4. Why does this just sound like an SBS version of The Project? And why is it that whenever there is a topic regarding news and current affairs The Project is never given credit for successfully having a mix of the two while still appealing to its target audience? Roving Enterprises and everyone at The Project need as many props as they can get seems though the ratings don’t convey just how good it is!

  5. All of that in 15 minutes? Presumably the in-depth features won’t be too deep then.

    I presume this is what The Project might have been, if commercial television was up for 15 minute programmming.

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